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by Simran Rehill
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In our previous unit, we understood how the mind and brain are different yet inextricable. The brain is the hardware that is driven by the mind and the product that comes out is consciousness to learn from the past, work in the present moment, and to plan for our future.

When you buy any machine it comes with a detailed manual of how it works and once you read the manual you are able to operate the machine to its full potential.  The brain is one of the most amazing instruments which has an essential unit, the neuron. At birth a baby has millions of such neurons, each neuron has hundreds of branches and each one of these branches contains thousands of dendritic spines. These dendritic spines are the connecting points between brain cells and these dendrites contain thousands of packets of chemicals. It is these that are the messengers between the brain cells, carrying all the information in the form of electromagnetic impulse.

So just imagine, the information you are gathering through your five senses as thoughts and feelings act as triggers to electromagnetic response inside the brain structure. The rush of chemicals from one dendritic spine to another, when seen with an electron microscope would resemble the Niagara Falls. And this happens just with a single thought generated, just imagine how powerful and important brain and mind function is.

Your brain controls everything you do, from brushing your teeth to staying physically fit, maintain relationships to performing simple and complex tasks. When your brain is not fit, everything is an uphill battle.  So it is our responsibility to take care of this small but the master organ of our body.

You can maintain cognitive fitness by improving the brain function with mindful changes in your lifestyles and habits. The six steps to enhance cognitive fitness are as follows:

Healthy Mind Lifesytle

Step 1. Eat a plant-based diet
Step 2. Exercise regularly
Step 3. Get enough sleep
Step 4. Manage your stress
Step 5. Nurture social contacts
Step 6. Continue to challenge your brain    

In our coming units we will discuss each aspect in detail.

Next Unit:


Let’s begin our six steps plan for boosting our cognitive fitness and talk about our favorite topic: Food. Food nourishes our body and brain alike. We eat a different range…

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