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by Simran Rehill
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Let’s learn about the most commonly used yet misunderstood word “Mind”. I remember once my younger son came back from school looking sad when I asked him why you are looking so sad. He said Mom, I asked a question from my teacher and instead of answering my query she just snapped me in front of the entire class, I am feeling very embarrassed. He said in one of his English chapters there was a sentence “Mr. X was still sitting in Rakesh ‘s mind”, so he asked his teacher Mr. X is so big how he can sit inside the Rakesh’s mind. He was in class five, his mind was confused between the term “Mind and the Brain”.

So, how many of you know the difference? I am sure now many of you are aware of these two terms. Those who are still in some kind of dilemma, here are the facts. The brain is the organ of the central nervous system, i.e. it is the structural part and Mind is the functional nonphysical part. The unit of the brain is a neuron and the mind is in every unit of the body.

Both the brain and mind have a very strong relationship with each other. We are familiar with the phrase “Mind Your Business” and we need the brain to operate our business. You can see the brain, but you can’t see mind, it is invisible. The brain is made up of cells, it can be touched, it has dimensions, and it can be measurable. Whereas the mind is dimensionless and has infinite potential. The mind is the result of electrical impulses happening across the brain. Or we can also say because of mind electrical impulses happens, it is still a great question of debate. According to neuro-biologists the brain exclusively drives the mind, and the mind serves only the individual self. 

The mind has no definite place in the body, philosophers say that it has infinite dimension so it is very powerful if we use it wisely. The mind has basic two components thoughts and feelings. What we think and how we feel has a great impact on the health of our mind as well as the brain. In order to have a strong and active mind, we need good brain health and if we want our brain to function to its maximum capacity we need to have good mental health.

So, the mind and brain are two different yet interlinked entities. To learn more about cognitive fitness, continue for our next unit.


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