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The Mischievous Brain

by Ankit Gaurav
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Our brain is the most naughty part we carry along with us everywhere and everytime. Our brain helps us in achieving our dreams , our passion & helps us with tricks that leads us on path of success. But, sometimes brain likes to go creepy and start giving us random thoughts of something which we hardly noticed at the moment. You might find yourself in situations where some random shit pops up in your mind that is completely not important, you might have already neglected it in past, and then, woosh…. all those thoughts starts popping up and you start your judgment process.

There might be times when you find yourself in the most conflicting situation with someone you love the most or someone with whom your thoughts match up with. And, then you wonder how did this happened? Wasn’t he and I supposed to be the most compatible person on earth ? Then how and why the hell this happened? Should I apologize or should be more careful? How could he do it to me? Or, was I the one who made a fault? Stop stop stop, if the last question popped up in your mind, then probably you’re letting your heart rule your brain.

But, did you just see ? One small conflict and stream of thoughts starts flowing instead of which you could just have listened and understood the perspective of other. But no, your mind wants to play and so it does. If you don’t have good control over your mind, the brain like a spoilt brat will continue to play with your thoughts. And, to add up with these unwanted thoughts this generation is being handed with electronic gadgets and electronic media. It’s just like giving a spoilt brat some motivation to get more bad.

Youth today is badly influenced by what they see and what they read on social media and TV. They’ve been losing control over their mind trying to cross the border between fantasy and reality. They are someway influenced by what they see, what they read and what they are being shown. Their wants and desires are now being influenced by what they see is more trendy and is being given more attention to. Instead of finding and and nurturing their own talent they try to follow the talents of people which made them go famous.

Days are not far when worth & importance of our social media following will be more than worth of money

As our body needs exercise, so do brain . If we don’t make our brain exercise on correct tasks it’ll find some nasty ways to to complex things for one, It might make simple things complex like you want to talk open hearted with your friend but your mind will give you thoughts and fear of being judged, it’ll introduce the “One Sided Love” concept to you, and the short story followed by permutation and combinations of various factors and fear of being judged , one of most considerable primary factor, it’ll make you possessive for someone you know you can’t have. Better , get into practise with brain, keep it busy with helpful work and be able to make decisions for own and rely on self.

Well, one of the solution to this problem is don’t allow any other part rule your body. It is said that ” Our Soul resides in Our Heart “, making our heart the purest thing we have. You can’t say that heart always takes 100% correct decisions but, you can’t deny it either that before you do anything your heart, your soul conveys it to you that whether you’re doing wrong or correct. Your heart has answers to your every question & solutions for your every problem, you just need to listen to it and try to maintain a correct balance between your heart and mind.

Well, as one need ways to correct the child, we also need some ways to have good and healthy thoughts from our brain. Let me help you out with some of it :

Take a deep breath :

Pause an uncontrolled train of thoughts by literally thinking to STOP, take a deep breath and count till 90. Studies show that it take 90 seconds for neurochemical triggers to fade from one’s brain and return to a normal brain chemistry .

Get into comfortable environment & Divert you thoughts :

Things happening around us affect our inner peace, so if we are in an environment where we our not comfortable or out of control, our thoughts will mirror those feelings. You can divert your thoughts from such places by putting on music that relaxes you, going to your favorite spot or talking with person you like.

Live in Today:

Enjoy the moments you are currently having, don’t let your mind take you to the past and hover around the things you did in past. Realize that past is gone and you have a present to live in.

Accept the truth :

Denial of truth is worst exercise you’ll make your mind do. By doing this you’re just paying-off your mind to increase the negative thoughts. As by doing this your mind will always be occupied in figuring out a way to run from truth, finding ways to hide it and so on. So it’s better to face the truth and accept it so that your mind experience peace.

Try staying away from social media :

Now a days it’s hard to stay away from electronic gadgets as world has started to become digital. But, at least you should avoid social media as much as possible so that you don’t get your thoughts trapped in net of diversion from your actual goal .

Live in reality not a virtual world .

Meditation :

It is one of the best proven way both scientifically and mythologically to gain control of your thoughts and give a correct flow so that you don’t divert from your goal and walk strong on path you choose.

Life is better when you’re open to environment, free to get off with what you have, capable enough to accept things the way they are, and to adapt the changes accordingly & timely. Detach yourself from the thoughts that intoxicate your soul. Don’t let external world destroy your inner peace. Act mature, be strong, take a deep breathe, meditate to get rid of negative thoughts & move on, because every healthy beginning starts with a planned ending.

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