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Taylor Swift’s Skincare and Makeup Secrets

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Taylor Swift is an iconic American singer-songwriter, music producer and actress. She has created a public persona among the people. The 14-times Grammy winner is best known for her outstanding songwriting abilities, her cryptic Easter eggs and out-of-the-box music video concepts. 

Taylor Swift performs on stage during the Eras Tour, wearing a sparkling blue bodysuit adorned with sequins and matching knee-high boots, against a dark background with a spotlight illuminating her.

Taylor’s been absolutely killing it lately – dropping her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, hitting the road for the massive Eras Tour, and basically just owning everything she does. One would expect that all this exertion would show up in some way. But have you seen her? How does she manage to look so stunning through it all? Read till the end to get a scoop on Taylor’s beauty and makeup regimes!


In an interview with Elle Magazine for their March 2019 issue, Taylor shared 30 things she learned before she turned 30. The fifteenth item on the list was about her love for vitamins!

A close-up of Taylor Swift's face as seen at the MTV Video Music Awards. She is seen sporting a black dress, bangs, bold eye makeup, and five layers of thin gold and silver necklaces.
“Vitamins make me feel so much better!” – Taylor Swift

She revealed that she supplements her diet with L-theanine and Magnesium. She takes L-theanine for stress and anxiety and Magnesium for muscle health and energy. L-theanine naturally occurs in tea, especially green tea. So, if you’re not into taking supplements like Miss Swift, just grab a cup of tea instead!


Vanity Fair reported that Kate Somerville’s Daily Moisturizer and Body Shop’s Cocoa Body Butter are her daily essentials. She swears to moisturise her face every night and applies body lotion after every shower. 

Taylor Swift dazzling at the Eras Tour | Photo by Paolo Villanueva
Taylor Swift dazzling at the Eras Tour | Photo by Paolo Villanueva

The eagle-eyed fans (aka Swifties) also noticed the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream on Taylor Swift’s nightstand in the Reputation magazine. 

Another easy tip Taylor loves? Drinking a gallon of water, especially with electrolytes (which she uses after a workout).

Makeup Essentials

Taylor Swift consistently delivers flawless makeup looks, whether she’s strutting the red carpet or performing in the pouring rain. We can all agree that her signature red lips are ICONIC! 

She’s mostly kept her beauty product choices under wraps, likely because she’s well aware of the millions her endorsements are worth. A rather smart move on her part! 

However, we’ve gathered some information from her 2012 “My Stuff” interview. Her go-to lipstick was CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Hot, and she swore by CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara in Very Black. 

In 2015, Swift told People Magazine that she recently had recognised the iconic Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC as a staple. A year before, she also told MTV that she tends to gravitate towards the Luxembourg and Dragon Girl lipstick shades by NARS.

The Taylor Swift Signature Red Lips | Photo by Molly Gilbreath

In 2022, makeup maven extraordinaire Pat McGrath shared the exact products she whipped out from her legendary makeup line to doll up Swift for the Bejeweled music video. She elevated Taylor Swift’s signature red lip game by applying LiquiLUST: Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick ELSON 4. Then, they crafted a “contour-Ombré” lip using three different shades of the PermaGel Ultra Glide Lip Pencils in Deep Dive, Blood Lust, and Deep Void.

Word: Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC
Sentence within the article: In 2015, Swift told People Magazine that she recently had recognized the iconic Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC as a staple.
Ruby Woo by MAC is not just a shade; it’s a statement. Known for its striking, blue-toned red color, this lipstick delivers a completely matte finish that has captured hearts worldwide. Its allure lies in its universal appeal, capable of turning heads and elevating any makeup look to celebrity status—perfectly suited for anyone aiming to channel their inner Taylor Swift on the red carpet or their everyday life.

Word: L-theanine
Sentence within the article: She takes L-theanine for stress and anxiety.
An amino acid found primarily in tea leaves, L-theanine promotes relaxation without drowsiness, often used to help manage stress and anxiety.

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