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Are you MINDFUL or is your MIND FULL?

Mindfulness and Mindfull

Surrounded by a lovely environment but still can’t enjoy it? Or let just say are you holding on the things that had passed away or not even happened and you are busy dealing with the mental illustration of what if? If the answer is “Yes”, you are surely missing out on a major part of your life with all those chattering in your brain. Your head is too full of these “What if” illustrations that you are never attentive towards your “right now moment”. So, it was just a glance at what I am going to talk about, to know more just keep reading.
Because it is extremely important to be “Happy and attentive in life, relationships and work “. Holding past and thinking way too much about the future is, unfortunately, making you miss the present, and most importantly “You” are missing “You”.

Mindfulness v/s Mind Full

Mindful or Mind Full

Mind full is a state when you are physically present somewhere but not mentally, bothered by some imaginary situations or something that had already happened. Being mind full is never a “win a win” situation, it’s a messy,over-reactive, overwhelming, and sad by whatever happening around you. You are so stuck at your brain, that you feel annoyed at the times when you should really be enjoying the present. You are literally missing out on everything. You are on a spinning cycle of thoughts with no on and off switch, your mind is too full that you are exhausted before even starting. It’s like eating without savoring.

is the state when you are fully present i.e physically and mentally, being aware of what’s happening around you. It’s a calm state of mind where you enjoy and accept the situation whether it’s in your favor or not.

“Mind full is future-focused and mindful is present-focused.”

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness-State of calmness

It’s a type of meditation where you focus on one’s awareness, sensations, and accept whatever you’re feeling without any judgements. You connect your brain and heart, appreciate the moment, and have a larger perspective on life.
1. Improves well being – It contributes towards satisfied life. Being mindful helps you to savor the pleasure of life as they occur and let you fully engaged in whatever you are doing. Avoiding you to miss out on what you have for something which cannot be controlled.
2. Improve physical health – It improves physical health in a number of ways — relieving stress, treat heart disease, lower chronic pain, improve sleep, etc.
3. Improve mental health – Calmness of mind attained can be helpful in depression, eating disorders, relationship conflicts, work conflicts, etc.

So, if you are feeling lost in any terms either at the workplace or normal life pace, then mindfulness is necessary than ever! You can practice mindfulness by taking up meditation, using body scan techniques, or just while eating food. Take a step forward towards mindfulness and “be mindful rather than a mind full”.

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf.

John Kabat-Zinn


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