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by Simran Rehill
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The mind is an activity, not a thing. No one has ever seen the mind. In order to gain clarity and eliminate confusion, I will create an image we can work with.

– Dr. Thurman Fleet

Cognitive scientists often say that the mind is the software of the brain. The mind has the ability to think and an ability to feel. The information about what’s happening around us is continuously entering our brain through our five senses and are processed in the form of thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings are actually generated through the chemical reaction and the information for which we are attentive forms the conscious part of our brain. You are reading this information and I am writing at this moment and we are aware of it is our conscious mind. Anything which is happening around us and we are not paying attention to is still entering our brain, but unless it is considered important it never reaches our conscious mind. Most of the time conscious mind is thinking. Some of the information which we have not given attention to like an embarrassing feeling, painful thoughts may be hidden in the part of the brain known as subconscious/unconscious mind. But we are least aware of this part of our mind which is playing an automatic subconscious program and it guides most of the automatic patterns of our behaviours. Things from our subconscious mind come out when we are least aware of it. For example, in dreams or slip of tongue. When we have a very strong and positive subconscious programming we are able to manifest the future of our dreams and desires. The researchers have found that when this programming is filled with many hurts or painful memories it many confuse our conscious brain and may lead to physical/mental challenges. The subconscious mind helps us and controls and manages the automatic functions of our body viz. breathing, circulations, digestions, temperature regulations.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between an actual experience that produces emotion and an emotion that you fabricate by thought alone

Dr. Joe Dispenza

When we are in the mother’s womb our subconscious mind takes in the information in the form of feelings. The quality of the thoughts that our mother has creates the foundation of our thoughts, that is why it is always advisable to keep the mother in a happy and relaxing environment for the strong subconscious programming. And then the first seven years of life the child gathers more information through his subconscious and also learns to operate through his/her conscious mind. Everything s/he sees, smells, touches, hears, experiences in any form is making the layers above the foundation of the subconscious mind.

By the time we learn to consciously think and act we are already having many beliefs upon which we start building our future life. And the kind of thoughts and feelings we repeat becomes our attitude which in turn makes our belief system resulting in habits. Our behaviors are the by-products of our habitual thinking pattern and repeated feelings. Most of our memories, habits, and most of our hidden information are in the subconscious and we behave exactly the way we are programmed. So if you are not satisfied by the way your life is going on, try changing your pattern of thinking and feelings by tapping in your subconscious mind.

The conscious mind can think in the past and can think in the future, but incase you want to unlearn the unhealthy pattern of thinking embedded deep down in the subconscious mind, you need to learn to be fully present in the moment, and by being mindful one can learn to make better choices for a better outcome.

Just imagine when you learn to have a harmony between conscious and subconscious mind by being mindful and choosing more uplifting thoughts and feelings and breaking the chains of limiting beliefs how meaningful your life would be.

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