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5 easy & effective ways to drive away Depression

Now-a-days we see that the current generation is falling prey to depression. Depression is a mood disorder which makes a person feel sad, lost, angry or dejected. A person suffering from depression loses interest in his daily routine and struggles to find happiness or a comfort zone for himself. Severe depression may lead to lack of sleep, lack of appetite, low concentration, and energy level. It lowers the efficiency of a person and also lowers his self-esteem. Severe depression may have negative impacts on the human brain.

More than 300 million people are suffering for depression world wide. Long term depression can lead to thoughts of committing suicides. Around 8,00,000 people die every year due to suicides. Depression is mostly common in people of age group from 15-30 years.

Although there many clinical treatments present for driving depression away. But, not everyone preferably share his problems or reasons for being depressed due to fear being judged. For such people, here are some ways to slowly overcome from depression :


Music is one of the medium which can connect to the soul of a person. A person who is not able to express his feelings through words can easily do so with the help of music. We often hear that “A singer having a most beautiful voice has the darkest past“, it is true. When a person sings or plays an instrument wholeheartedly his soul gets connected to music and he freely lets it flow in and out of him.

Listening to one’s favorite genre can also help to slowly drive depression away as it helps to calm down the brain helping to reduce the secretion of stress hormones and in turn reducing depression.

Pen down your thoughts :

Most of the people suffering from depression have problem in sharing their problems with others. They fear of being judged or laughed at their emotions. Such people can keep a small diary with them and write down whatever they keep piling up inside them. Writing down things helps in the flow of thoughts increasing the analyzing capacity of a person making him think on his actions and reasons and ways to avoid or eliminate the things or situation which causes depression.

Engage in physical activities

If you’re suffering from depression, you can engage yourself in physical activites like morning & evening walks, dance, sports, gym or yoga. It helps in better blood circulation in our body and increases secretion of hormones which keeps us relaxed and happy.

You can also try gardening, cooking and tasting new cuisine. A beautiful sight, pleasent aroma and good food helps in reducing stress.


Pets are very helpful to drive away depression. People who find difficult to connect to other people tend to develop a sense of emotional connection and overall well-being with their pets. Petting an animal can cause your brain to release chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals counteract your body’s reaction to pain by causing a sense of pleasure or well-being. Around 98% of pet owners consider their pet to be their family member.


People now-a-days tend to bring changes in themselves and hide their true identity in fear of being judged by others. Hiding your true self will hurt you. Trying to change your identity distance you from the things you love. And, no one can remain happy losing themselves.

Stop over-expectations and be practical

Generation of today lives in their own world of fantasy and utopia. It is said that “Prevention is always better than cure”. It is good to have expectations and hopes, but an excess of anything is bad. Usually, these hopes and expectations break and shatter us to the extent which acts an initial phase of depression. Be practical and accept the truths or facts no matter how hard they are. It will keep you away from getting emotionally hurt.

In addition to these ways you must take a healthy diet and get enough sleep to keep depression away. You must know the things which triggers depression or stress you out and try to avoid such situations and stay away from them.

From Deepika Padukone to Selena Gomez, they all have been through rough patch but it never stopped them from chasing their dreams. That’s beautiful and strong in an exceptional way.


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