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5 Optimizing techniques for your YouTube Videos

All of you must have watched videos on YouTube, some might be running channels as well. But have you guys ever imagined how some videos come on the top of the list after you search on YouTube? Even after investing a lot of good content and hard work on the videos, they do not reflect at the top of the list. So, let’s see how can you optimize your videos to get most likes and subscribers on your videos. Here are 5 basic tips and tricks with which you can optimize your YouTube videos.

Length of the video:

The length of the video should be a min of 10 minutes. Any video of say like 5 minutes or 4 minutes is likely to be unseen. Also, you need to keep hold of your audience’s attention, and if the video is of shorter length audience won’t get hold of it.

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Total Watch Time:

At this point, you will understand why the above point is so essential. See, it is estimated that the audience watches the video for at-most half the total time of the video. So, if your video is of let’s say 5 minutes then the audience will stick around 2 minutes or 3 minutes. But if the video of like 12 minutes, people will hold the video till 6 minutes or 7 minutes. In this way, the length of the video is very essential and it increases the total watch time by 50% of the video as well.

Title and Description:

You all need to insert the right keywords in the title bar which will enhance the search results. The video which is on the top of the list depends on the title they use. Also, the description is very important. People generally read the description; the valuable information provided by the content makers. So, its 500-700 words limit in there, all you need to describe your video thoroughly.

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The thumbnail is the very first thing the audience get their eyes on. The image provided by the video makers attracts faster than any other thing. Hence, the use of correct thumbnail is important. The thumbnail shouldn’t be dark, loud, or shaggy. It should be bright and attractive. Nowadays, the thumbnails are of small video as well or GIF, it should be bright as well.

Tags and category:

The correct tags help in the optimization of the video. You all must use the adjectives for tags. Also, it is very important to define in which category your video lies. Whether the video is for entertainment purposes, for gaming, for educational purposes or beauty products, etc.   

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