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Top Car Technological Innovations Of CES 2020

by Antara Kar
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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brought to light the most advanced technological innovations that are introduced in the automobile industry every year. As always, these advancements never fail to strike a chord in the minds of the automobile fanatics. Here is a detailed list of five technical innovations seen in the CES 2020. These car features will leave you spell bounded.

1) Integration Of Amazon With Alexa

In CES 2020, both the auto manufacturers, Lamborghini and Rivian has left the audience dumbfounded when they had announce implementing the integration of Amazon and Alexa in their automobiles for vehicular control functions. This move of the two automobile companies has taken partnership to another new level. Both the automobile companies have used Alexa for the action of controlling the interiors of the vehicles. In addition to the usual tasks Alexa can do for us, the other tasks include showing directions to a place of interest, adjusting the interior temperature or playing music. These features function equally well in both the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck and the Lamborgini Huracan sports car. These cars have advanced inbuilt voice recognition software.

Internet Of Things

2) BMW’s ZeroG Lounger Seat

Along with a hospitable environment, and a smooth a car journey only a comfortable seat makes the entire journey worthwhile. BMW has launched its own comfy seat named the ZeroG Lounger seat. This luxurious recliner chair can recline either 40 or 60 degrees keeping the seat-belt intact with the passenger. The BMW ZeroG Lounger Seat has a cocoon style airbag which safeguards during the event of a crash. A screen drops down the headliner whenever you recline the seat, in order to show directions and prevent motion-sickness. BMW plans to launch this new lounger feature with its X7 SUV for the first time.

The ZeroG Lounger Seat

3) Bosch Virtual Visor

The automotive supplier company, Bosch has decided to transform the traditional sun visor with its innovative ideas. Bosch- Virtual-visor consists of a LCD screen in the RGB color mode. It can track the sun rays falling on the driver’s face and block it.

Bosch Virtual Visor

4) Continental and Sennheiser Speaker-less Audio System

With the help of Sennheiser, a new kind of sound system has been developed. It has the ability to emit sound without any speakers. The speaker-less sound system emits sound from various different parts of the vehicle’s interior. With the help of Continental’s Ac2uated Sound System, the interior components such as the dashboard, doors etc of the car vibrate to give the immersive sound experience. Since the regular speakers are not set up in the car, the overall weight of the car is substantially.

Continental and Sennheiser Speaker-less Audio System

5) Byton’s Car Interior Entertainment Partnerships

The electric SUV car company launched it first ever SUV, Byton’s M-Byte at the Frankurt Motor Show in the year 2019. This massive car opened doors for a lot of indoor entertainment opportunities because of its 48 inch screen. This car attracted a lot of potential US onlookers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, where it was launched for the first time. This car would eventually be on sale in the year 2021 post the addition of technological contents from AccuWeather, ViacomCBS, Aiqudo and various other companies. This feature includes those similar to watching a show on ViacomCBS while simultaneously charging the passenger’s other gadgets with the help of M-Byte. Byton also plans to implement precautionary measures in the car so that one can’t be distracted with the ongoing on the screen while simultaneously driving on the open road.

The 48 Inch Screen

With new technical advancements being discovered each day, and a lot of effort is being put on the research and development front. One can be sure that the world awaits a bright future in the automobile industry. Looking at such innovations is a treat to the auto fanatics. With so much exciting already in store, one can rarely wait for the next set of upcoming surprises.

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