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Mental Illness: A Paradox

by Deeksha Pandey
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Depression had turned out to be a well known term. Theoretically, a mood disorder causing changes that may lead to emotional and physical problems. We started referring to such definitions when people around us started using some phrases that involved such words. Besides, it has always been a fancy word for being sad. Even today we may refer to such definitions in a public speaking or maybe in gatherings, but the mindset of people still hold it as a fancy word. According to most of the surveys conducted till date, out of five people three suffer from depression. India records more than 10 million cases per year. And still, the depth of such a condition is ignored on an average level. But the complications cannot be overlooked.

The cause tends to be different in every case. And the symptoms are even worse. When we describe the condition with a single word, it still depicts the whole with a complete difference in each. As the statistics says, there are nine types of depressions, whether it be major, persistent, maniac disorder, seasonal, situational, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and atypical. Conditions get even worse when a part from two are observed in an individual. Yes, there are cases where a single person suffers from two types of depressions at the same time. It’s referred as a psychotic disorder. Psychotic disorder occurs from an illness termed as Schizophrenia.

What makes a difference?

Unlike other disorders, Schizophrenia makes a person experience the vulnerability inside him without his knowledge. Sometimes we misinterpret delusions with overthinking. And the delusions itself feels like a trap. We enjoy our imagination and living into it makes us happier. The intensity is low at first, but as soon as we get used to it, it rises. Furthermore, we start enjoying our own company. Misinterpretation of self care is most experienced in this case. These made up world feels safe, but why? Because the trauma of the real existence does not. This may be genetic or the regular trauma can root it into a person.

Speaking about delusions, they’re not the only suffering. It leads to hallucinations, memory loss, abnormal behavior. Loss of logic on a regular basis causes the loss of confidence around people. They can be nincompoops for some, stupid for others and the terms may go on. But the chronology of such issues is not an easy hunt. Because they’re bold enough and equally breakable.

Maniac or Monster?

The imaginations creating a world for them is all that they hope their real world to be. Maybe an incident of childhood, or an unexpected experience of a trauma, or loss of confidence may lead to conditions like these. Expectation is a myth. Never make yourself easier to get drawn into it. In the movie, Lion King when Timon said, “when world turns it’s back on you, turn your back on them.” Is it easy to apply in every case? Family, friends or other relations. Life sometimes asks us to hold on to something and sometimes to let go off things. Thus, a complete mixture of undeniable thoughts and phases result in the development and functioning of an individual’s thought process. After a collection of delusions and the stories we make up in our mind, or the world we prefer to live in results in a complex functioning of the subconscious minds. The act of delusions slowly holds the subconscious mind resulting in hallucinations, seizures and suicidal thoughts.

The non-familiar experiences:

1. Hallucinations

The disorganized mental functioning which leads to the appearance of physical movements or images that doesn’t exist for real. These are images or persons which appear real to the person suffering from schizophrenia. Nevertheless, it’s not only the images creating a mirage of scenes but voices too hamper the mindset.

2. Suicidal Thoughts

The misconceptions of incidents and unbearable human behavior leads to suicidal thoughts. This pain is always overwhelming and permanent. The cycle of events is endless. The permanent thoughts adds integrate the intensities of such feelings. Suicidal depression may lead to extreme actions.

3. Seizures

With the appearance of continuous hallucinations, delusions and suicidal thoughts occurs seizures. Seizures are sudden, uncontrolled and electrical disturbance in the mind. It results in changes in behavior, movement of feelings, loss of consciousness. It affects the behavior of the victim for a short period of time.

Moving Ahead-

Don’t be scared of coming across such stories. They too deserve the love they seek for. We may never know what might trigger them and worsen the situation. Such experiences and conditions are itself enough to result in the loss of a person. Medical Researches have proved a sudden death of any individual suffering from such situations. They’re one of us. Don’t be too late to distinguish between your conceptions and actual events. Posting social network stories might help them to step forward.

Nevertheless, these aren’t the facts that move accordingly with the trend. They’re not mentally sick or a bunch of weirdos. Accept them as one of us. Heal the surroundings in-order to make a better place for our thoughts to grow on a daily basis.

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