Mental Illness: A Paradox

A baptism for delusions

Top 10 Hollywood Horror Movies Of All Time: Definitely Bound To Send Chills Down Your Spine!


The new COVID 70% more transmissible: Raise the alarm!!

India, Japan enters cyber-security deal on 5G

Nobel in Chemistry: Pioneers in Gene Editing shatter history

5 Tips For Healthy Eyes


No one is too small to make a Difference

Climate change has now become a trite issue at major international platforms, daises and tables. And yet, we haven’t moved an inch towards altering our current reality. We homo-sapiens have brought rather sombre times upon ourselves. But there is a ray of hope. A little girl, who has decided to battle against the moguls of the century and their obstinate indignation. Let’s find more about Greta.
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A baptism for delusions

Electric Vehicles And Their Environmental Impacts


Glowing skin costs more than you think

Everyone wants to get a spotless skin with a little shimmer. But at what cost? All these beauty products contain mica to give them that magical effect of natural shimmer. Mica, which has probably been mined by a child as young as 5 years with his/her life and future on the line. #bloodmoney #bloodmica
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Havoc Prevails in North East India

COVID Positive Ecosystem: Happier and Healthier

Facebook bans extremist conspiracy group QAnon

Abraham Accords: Dusk or Dawn ?

Humans have become Monsters? — Hathras Gangrape Case

What's happening to Andhra Pradesh temples?

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Meet Your Creative Genie

Being in a creative profession often comes with potential risks to the creator’s fragile human psyche. These threats have exposed creative minds to narcissism, drug addiction and even suicidal tendencies. This article shows a way to build a protective psychological construct in order to protect you from these threats.
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Science V/S Conscious : A Revolution Is afoot


COVID Positive Ecosystem: Happier and Healthier

The Lickable Screen : Now taste your food on the screen