UEFA Champions League round of 16 results

The biggest club tournament in the world continues its spectacular phase of knockouts and this week we got to see hard-fought games, thrilling matches with lots of scores along with plenty of emotions, but zero goals. Nevertheless, we have a very good week of the best football and luckily, in most matches, nothing is decided yet, so the second leg is going to amaze everybody.

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2019 NBA All-Star weekend recap

Just a couple of weeks after the Super Bowl the National Basketball Association bring us another huge weekend. We’re talking about the NBA All-Star weekend, which is one of the most entertaining event in the league alongside with the Finals and many people would say in the major competitive sports league. This year Charlotte served as host of the big event.Above all, final result was a 178-164 victory for Team LeBron
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UEFA Champions League round of 16 results


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