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A glimpse of Holi in Amity Noida

by Ankit Gaurav
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Amity University is the number one, not-for-profit private university located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh in India. Touching the sky with its glorious achievements be it in academic or non-academic fields like sports and cultural activities, Amity provides it’s best to boost the holistic development of its students. And if you are staying in its hostels you are really lucky. Extra care is given to hostel students. They try their best to make hostels into home. And, in this effort, one must include celebrating the festivals of every region without any difference. And Hostel Management of Amity carries it out so well. Be it Pongal from South India or Baisakhi of Punjab, every festival is celebrated with full spirit.

The university provides students with few days of holi vacation to enjoy and celebrate the festival. But, any festival without friends, nah not so fun. So, before leaving for their homes, on the last day before the vacation, almost every student be it a day-scholar or a hosteler, everyone applies dry colours often termed as gulal or abeer on each other and enjoy their day.

Well, today’s Holi and most of the hostelers have left for their home leaving the lively atmosphere of hostels silent. But there were some who couldn’t leave for their places due to some or other reason, like me. Now, we students need a proper Holi celebration. Hostel Management has everything planned for us!

In the morning, from around 10 am students started gathering with gulal and pakka colours at the grand H-Block where every major event for hostelers takes place. And with lacking patience and excitement for the celebration, they started applying colours on each other. Students were running after one another throwing colours on each other, sharing hugs and clicking photographs. There were colours flying everywhere making the environment more beautiful.

Amidst this happiness, sudden drops of water started falling on them. Yes ! it was Hostel Management’s Holi surprise for everyone where students got overwhelmed and started dancing. Well, Holi is incomplete without playing it wet. Then Holi related tracks were played which increased the fun. The hostel cafetria had prepared gujiyas and thandai for everyone. Rain-dance added feathers to the holi celebration cap.

It was such a lively and enjoying moment shared by the hostel family of Amity Noida campus.

Wishing you all very happy Holi ! 🌈😊

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Aarush Agrawal March 22, 2019 - 12:12 am

Exciting 😀


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