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Shocking revelation by a model

by Sanghmitra Bhardwaj
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How Indian Society Reacts to modeling ?

There’s a hype that you are a model and I don’t understand if it’s a good one or a bad one.

“You are a model, you must be into smoking and drinking.” I feel people should come out of those Bollywood movies that show the worst side of our industry (doesn’t implies everyone is like that). We should not forget that a model is also a human being with his/her individual choices. Being a model I never got indulged in such activities because I am a health freak, there are many models who are like me and are not into drinking and smoking.

“You are a model you must be having an amazing sex life.” Yes, this question was asked by one of my male friends from my hometown. Again, it is an individual’s choice. Frankly, sex life has nothing to do with modeling and considering both the things in the same domain is nothing short of stupidity.

“You are a model you must be available.” People don’t say this out loud but deep down most of the people have this notion for a model. Modeling is a profession and we get paid for showcasing designer outfits, advertising, photoshoots and print modeling, etc and that’s our job.

“Modeling is so easy and anyone can be a model.” If you are judging our work based on that 1-minute walk on the ramp then you are wrong. From fittings to choreography, from hair and makeup to run through, our working hours exceeds the 9-5 schedule. Addition to this working late night and compromised sleep is something you should know before tagging it as easy.

The perception of people towards modeling and models should change. We are more than just a body. We are human beings with our own individual choices. Stop generalizing and accept this as a profession. Fashion Industry in India is lagging behind in comparison to the other countries. This is a field to flaunt and be proud of, not to judge.

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