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5 Tips For Healthy Eyes

by Ruchika Agarwal
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It’s been 6 long months and there is still no sign of getting over the pandemic. We are now succumbed to online life that was initially just a refuge. The new normal may not be our favorite but all we can really do is, carry on the safe way: Stay Home, Stay Safe.

The one thing that we all have gotten used to, regardless of age and literacy is, the use of gadgets. Literally, everyone is using gadgets, starting from the kids of 4-5 years old who need to attend their online classes to elderly working class of 60-65 years old who need to attend to their jobs online from home and all of us have no other choice but to sit in front of the radiating screen for hours at a stretch. This lengthen screen time, be it in mobile phones, tablets or laptops has put all of our eyes at risk. These precious eyes through which we can see the beauty of the world, are being unforgivingly strained for unending hours with hardly any care taken. If we continue like this, we might soon face another pandemic: A worldwide blindness.

It’s better safe than sorry. We need to take care of our eyes, starting now! Here are five simple tips that will help you keep your eyes healthy. Follow these and your eyes will thank you.

Eye Glasses: Digital Screen emits blue rays which is quite dangerous to our delicate eyes. If exposed to too much of these rays, our eyes can experience blurring, itching and loss of vision. To prevent your eyes from the harmful rays, always wear glasses whenever you are working on the screen. You can easily get a screen glass from your nearest optical shop. If you are already using spectacles, use glasses that reflect light.

20-20-20 Rule: We often blink less when we are using the screen, be it of cell phones or laptops. This gives way to more harmful rays also straining your eyes making it dry. Therefore, it is a must we keep our eyes wet and lubricated. 20-20-20 rule is a must if you are working for hours on the screen. All you need to do is, after every 20 minutes of looking at the screen, look away at something that is placed 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. Blink your eyes to keep it moisturized and fresh.

Wash your Eyes: With the increased screen time, we often experience burning or itching in our eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes, instead wash your eyes to get rid of the burning or stinging sensation. Eye wash solution or sterile water is much preferred for washing of eyes as normal tap water might have bacteria or fungus. You can also use Rose Water that acts as an excellent disinfectant and soothes eyes.

Morning Eye Routine: When you wake up in the morning avoid looking at your phone screen. Our eyes are the weakest at that part and should not be exposed to harmful rays. In lieu of screen watch greens. Look at green leaves and trees that calms your eyes. Fill some water in your mouth and splash water in your eyes to clean it. Rub your hands and gently place it over both your eyes. The heat will help your eyes in calming and give it a good start of the day.

Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy: This goes not only for your eyes but your body as a whole. Lots of water, lots of juice and lots of green vegetables is the secret to a healthy life. Eat healthy and Drink Healthy to Stay Healthy and See healthy!

Our eyes are being strained at a ridiculous rate. You need to take care of it now more than ever. Just follow the simple daily routine to protect your eyes and keep it healthy.

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