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You Can Never Know!

It is she who is the origin of humankind on earth,
And takes the unprecedented pain to give birth.
It is she who turns your villa to house,
But what she gets in return is abuse from spouse.

It is she who takes pain with zeal,
While you choose to sell her in a deal.
It is she who has accepted ‘ Societal norms’ with joy,
But what she gets in return is a stern conviction for not being coy.

It is she who has been denied rights for time so long,
‘But that’s her destiny’, they all sing along.
To maintain beauty standards is what she is taught,
How can she be coloured, round, unattractive and short!

It is she who has integrated those ‘norms’ in her goal,
But what she gets in return is assassination of her body, mind and soul.
Because she’s a ‘girl’ and not a ‘guy’,
She ought to be a victim, and that’s not a lie.

You Can Never Know how it feels,
When her esteem is crushed under your heels.
You Can Never Know how it feels,
It may be forgotten but it never heals.

Isn’t she a victim?
No, she’s the ‘Accused’,
For she has committed the crime to be a girl
And that’s not an excuse!

When heard the news, she regrets, ignores and avoid,
But deep down there is a horrifying void.
There is extreme grief and fear in that whirl,
I hope and pray, you aren’t the next, my girl!

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