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Indian Superstitions And The Possible Scientific Logic Behind Them

India is a unique country. Here superstitions and technology sprawl side by side, sounds dichotomous right? If you are a GenZ, growing up in an Indian household, you would definitely find yourselves thinking about the scientific reasons behind these “crazy” superstitions. Several scientific attempts have been made to prove the that there is logic behind these age old superstitions of our ancestors.

1) Not To Go Close To A Peepal Tree During Night Time

To avoid ghosts at night time? Well definitely no! It is advisable not to venture out near a Peepal tree or for that matter any tree at night so that one can avoid inhaling carbon dioxide. The scientific concept of plants releasing carbon dioxide at night was discovered in the mid 17th century. Before that time, our ancestors avoided trees during the night time so that they can keep their organs healthy by avoiding the excessive carbon dioxide intake.

Peepal Tree

2) Avoid Sleeping With Your Head Facing The North

Now this superstition can be explained with the help of a far wide range of scientific analogy. In the age of such high scientific boom, it is foolish to say that sleeping with your head facing North is like inviting death. Well, our ancestors probably knew about the relation between the Earth’s magnetic field and the human body’s magnetic field aka, bio-magnetism. The rule of your sleeping with you head facing South is justifiable to prevent harmful health effects related to blood pressure.

Earth’s Magnetic Field

3) Avoid Stepping Out During An Eclipse

Our ancestors had figured out that it is advisable not to step outside during an eclipse to avoid loss of eyesight or commonly known as “eclipse blindness”. The Hindu mythological story which talks about Rahu’s head blocking the sun is woven around on this context.

Solar Eclipse

4) Women Should Avoid Participating In Certain Activities When She Is Mensturating

Sanitary pads were discovered in India the year 1986 while painkillers did not reach the middle class homes before the 20th century. In those earlier days, women commonly relied on traditional Indian medicines to mitigate the excruciating pain. It is safe to say that probably women did not work during the menstrual days in order to avoid discomfort and uneasiness.

5) The Use Of Lemon And Chili To Keep ‘Buri Nazar’ At Bay

Tired of your kids getting low grades? Tired of not getting a promotion at your job due to low performance? Suddenly have health ailments? Well in such scenarios, it is common in Indian household to blame it on the most dreaded “Buri Nazar” or some may even call it “Kala Jadu”. Well to keep such situations at bay, it is a usual practice to use lemon and green chilies. Scientifically speaking, both lemon and chili have high nutritional benefits which help in strengthening the immune system hence building a healthy body which can perform better in various areas.

nimbu mirchi Superstitions
Lemon And Chili

6) Avoid Cutting Nails After Sunset

Nail cutting require precision. Nail cutters have sharp blades and one can get hurt if they try to cut their nails in the absence of light. To avoid such mishaps, it is advisable not to cut nails during the night time.

cutting nails
Cutting Nails

7) Avoid Washing Your Hair On Certain Days

Well answering this is more simple than it seems. Our ancestors reserved certain days for healthy water management practices to save water.

hair wash
Hair Wash

8) Sweeping The Floor During The Afternoon Brings Bad Luck

It is a common practice in India To avoid sweeping the floors after afternoon to avoid any kind bad luck. Our ancestors probably preferred to clean the house during the day time to avoid sweeping away any important item that may be associated to wealth.

cleanliness Superstitions

9) Eat Curd And Sugar Before Heading Out

It is important for one to make important decisions with a calm mind. In this hot tropics climate of India, it is highly recommended to have curd with sugar to keep oneself cool.

dahi succar Superstitions
Curd and Sugar

10) To Crush The Head Of A Snake After Killing It

The snake is capable of attacking even after having its head severed badly. Crushing the head of a snake makes it incapable of any further vicious attacks.

Superstitions Snake

Well, so here we had some of the common myths busted right? So next time you hear the word “apshagun” or come accross any superstitions, you would very well be able to back it with logic and come up with a savage comeback. Good luck to that!


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