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Will NEP 2020 Change the Educational Regime?

by Meghna Mishra
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We often find ourselves blaming India’s education system, planning to pursue masters abroad, and finding celebrities’ kids studying in other countries. Why? Because until July 29th our education system was hollow and based on theory. The National Education Policy 2020 rules out the National Policy of Education 1986 and the Modi government has been accepting applauses for the same. Just like Indian students go to foreign places to pursue their dream courses, with the introduction of a new policy, we might find students from different countries studying in India. This might be a blur right now but with the right implementation, it will be a reality soon. But is India ready to accept the new educational change, let us find out?

  • The best point about the National Education Policy is its flexibility. After class 10, students can pursue subjects of their interest. Until now students could only pursue Science, Commerce, or Humanities but now you can study any subject with the other. For example, if you have an interest in Chemistry and Geography you can take both the subjects. The new policy breaks the old barriers and you learn anything you want.
  • The 10+2 has been shifted to 5+3+3+4 which puts out as foundational stage, preparatory stage, middle stage, and secondary stage. Most importantly, students can start their internships from sixth class which is the key to skill development. There will be proper vocational training as at this age students learn the most.
  • The government will invest 4 to 6 per cent GDP in the education sector now. This will improve the facilities like infrastructure, tech, and teachers. There will be more IITs, IIMs and there will be an emphasis on research.
  • The students can choose their niche in graduation. A new thing is that you can leave the course in between which wasn’t possible at all.

There are many more specifications in the new policy which was submitted last year by ISRO’s Chief Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan, it is more of his vision. When everyone is welcoming the new education policy as a trendsetter, there are certain group of people questioning it. Also, will this pave a path for new India or termites will eat up ending it as a dream on paper?

  • As the policy initiates learning in mother tongue till class fifth, people are worrying over language bias. Although policy says it won’t impose any language. When all around the world people are using their mother tongue, how will it harm our country? Hindi as a language will not be imposed in fact regional languages will be given importance. Sanskrit and foreign languages will be taught to students. We are not entirely good in Hindi language and English language, to avoid that NEP will play essential role in language learning.
  • The states have issues with the centralisation of power and accusing government of not discussing it with the ministers. They are sceptical that Central government will have all the powers. Gujarat announced that it will be the first state to implement NEP 2020.
  • The main challenge for the government is the real-life execution of the policy. The main question arises when we know there are fewer teachers, moreover qualified professors for the universities. The infrastructure is weak and there are not even enough primary schools for rural areas. The sex ratio is not equal and girls are not allowed to study.
  • The mentality of parents must change with the changed policy then only we can achieve the parameters associated with it. If we will still focus on board exams, marks rather than performance, English language and subjects like mathematics, science, computers, etc, degrees in engineering, medical, law and not forensic, arts, or psychology, pursuing music or photography as a career and many more mundane habits then the new education policy will miserably fail and India will never transform its rusted education system.

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