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Shaping The Future With Data Science

Data science is said to be among the most required skills in the software industry in today’s times as companies have become increasingly data-driven. It is commonly said that if one has an innate passion for computers, mathematics, and discovering solutions through data analysis, then a degree in data science can be your next big step towards your career growth.

What is data science?

Data science is a skill which is used by the computing professionals who have good skills for collecting, storing, shaping, managing and analyzing data. This is a crucial skill in today’s time as companies have become increasingly data driven while making any decision. When it comes to data driven decisions making, Amazon is a prime example as it remembers what the customer has shopped, paid for or even has searched for on the website and aligns their recommendations accordingly. Data science helps the retailers in gathering data and it extends much further. Data science is also used for critical applications across various other industries. Pursuing a career in data science can be a good option as not only does it pay well but it also has immense scope in the near future.

The Most In-Demand Careers In Data Science

1) Data Scientist

Data scientists have the role of processing large amounts of complex, raw data and process the information to find patterns which will benefit the organizations in making good business decisions.

2) Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning experts have the role of delivering data funnels and also giving good software solutions. ML engineers require excellent statistics as well as programming skills. Apart from making ML systems, they are responsible for conducting tests and checking the functionality of the system.

3) Machine Learning Scientist

Machine learning scientists often have the title as Research Scientist or as Research Engineer. The role assigned to the people at this designation is to conduct research on data and to use them on supervised, unsupervised and various deep learning techniques.

4) Applications Architect

The role of an applications architect is to keep a track of the business data and how the data interacts with each other and the user. They are responsible for designing the architecture and the interface.

5) Data Architect

Apart from building new database systems, the role of a data architect is to find ways of improving the performance and the functionality of the existing systems and work towards providing access to the existing database systems.

6) Infrastructure Architect

The role of an infrastructure architect is to look after the business systems and see if all the systems are working optimally and to look into their requirements.

7) Enterprise Architect

 The role of an enterprise architect is to work with the organization’s technical strategy and execute the objectives needed. Enterprise architects must have a complete understanding of the business and its technology required to design the systems architecture.

8) Data Engineer

The role of a data engineer is to perform batch processing and data processing on the stored as well as the gathered data. Data engineers are also supposed to make data accessible for data scientists.

9) Statistician

The job of statisticians is to work on collected data and to interpret them in order to derive relevant information which can be used for relevant decision making.

10) Data Analyst

The role of a data analyst is to manipulate data so as to suite the required analysis of the organization. The work includes tracking web analytics, and to deal with large data sets which can be desired for the required job at hand.

11) Business Intelligence Developer

 BI developers work with strategies that help business users in finding the information which is required for making better business decisions.

In the recent times, data scientist roles are required in almost every field. From confidential government jobs to something as basic as a matrimonial app, data science is crucial everywhere. Data science careers are in trend in the recent times, as it is guaranteed that there is no slowing down anytime soon.


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