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Let us find out what your handwriting reveals!

by Isha Chauhan
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The very first thing that we learn as kids is to write.  The formation of alphabets, the connecting strokes, bubble, whorls, loops and lot more. Do you know that these strokes or the letter formed actually are not just mere-words but something that defines the kind of personality you have? Interesting right. Let’s begin the journey from the eyes of a graphologist.


You might have seen lots of people having different writing size and correspondingly, different styles of entity formations. Are you the one of those having a teeny-tiny scrawling writing, or from the ones having a writing visible from even around 15 centi-metres. The size of the words written reveal a lot about you. It has been found that a person having a large printing are attention seekers, while the ones with the tiny scrawls are introverts. If having a gradual decrease in the size of alphabets , then trust me, you should try for social sector!



Moving on to the next character: your slant. The angle with the paper in which you write. That too is not just a mere pen-holding style, but a whole story in itself. You might have seen certain people  having a straight handwriting, whereas a few, having a slant to the left and the rest remaining to the right! Which one are you? If belonging to the upright group- you are a rational thinker, emotions do not influence your decisions. But if you are of the group having left slant- then think about the last time you had decided for any major aspect of your life? You would had got the answer. People with a left slant are reserved observers, mostly taking decisions due to the influence of people around. Coming on to the right slant. A good news for you! Even after being emotion driven you are future oriented, having an outgoing means to decide about a particular concerned aspect.  Ever observed a person with a mixed slant? If yes, then there are chances that the person might be dual nature and insecure.

Handwriting Analysis - Alphabets a to z | Udemy


Have you ever observed the way, you write the word “t”? If not, then have a look at least once. The cross stroke on lowercase ‘t’ gives the reader an idea about your goal dreaming capacity. If the cross-stroke crosses ‘t’ high on the stem, it reveals that you are a high goal setter. The cross-stroke on the lower end of the stem reveals your fear for setting a higher goal. Procrastinators can also be judged based on handwriting analysis , so next time beware before placing the cross-stroke over ‘t’ when asked to provide a handwriting sample in a job interview.

What Your Handwriting Says About You - Analysis and Graphology

Let’s have a look on the arch of the small case letters to know what kind of a thinker you are! Having a pointed arch on alphabets such as, ‘m’, ‘n’, ‘h’ signifies that the writer being impatient on one-hand and an intelligent personality on the other. Having a curved letter form arch benefits you while in an interview, signifying your quality of being a cumulative thinker.


How comfortable you are amongst people can also be retrieved from your letter formation. Observe the loop in the descender of letter, ‘g’, ‘y’ and ‘j’, it unravels the cryptic involved. If a person has an elongated but a small loop, then he is highly socially selective. Do you have someone around you, who generally has trust issues? Check the loop of the lower-case letter for once. You’ll find the answer. They generally have an almost negligible loop.


Coming on to next characteristic, the bubble on the lowercase ‘I’. Wait for a moment, before you proceed. Check for once about the placement of dot on the alphabet. A direct placement of reveals your loyalty. A distant dot signifies the writer having big dreams but the only reason why they, can’t be fulfilled is that he is always in a hurry. Leftward dot reveals cautiousness and stagnation in the behavior of the writer. Which one of the above mentioned are you?

lowercase i handwriting analysis

The list of characters that can be accessed as per your handwriting characters are never ending. Though currently being considered a pseudo-science but graphology is something that reveals, “why”, “ what” and “ how” involved in a  person’s behavior. It not only unleashes the truth about who an individual actually is, but also helps to know the weaker areas in one-self, so as to work on them before being pointed out!

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