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What is wrong with #blacklivesmatter?

May 25th, 2020, George Floyd, an African American was killed in the police arrest for allegedly using the counterfeit bill in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The anger over the killing spilled into anti-racism protests and public demonstrations in the United States and now protests are held internationally. Though the news had already been old for more than three weeks now, #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter are still trending on the internet. Both hashtags are bearing resemblance to the yin and yang philosophy of dualism.


The supporters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement are claiming that “Blacks are always systematically targeted for demise”. The data and records show us that in a crime scene black people are most likely to be accused of being a suspect. Facts also state that one in every 4 Americans below the poverty line is “black”.

Several individuals associated with the criticism of the BLM movement supported the slogan of “All Lives Matter“. Senator Rand Paul came to an argument stating BLM Movement “focused on wrong targets” and “I think they should change their name maybe – if they were “All Lives Matter or Innocent Lives Matter”. In 2016 Donald trump also claimed that “Black Lives Matters” is a divisive term and is inherently racist.

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Kris Straub’s Analogy

Recently Kris Straub’s cartoon sums up the #blacklivesmatter over #alllivesmatter.
Source: chainsawsuit

Now the pop-up question to this cartoon is “Black lives matter is the only house “ON FIRE”, when so many other things around the globe also need immediate consideration?”


Are not the lives of poor children, the lives of people who are not getting beds in the hospital after tested positive for COVID “ON FIRE”?
Are not the lives of people suffering from anxiety and depression “ON FIRE”?
And the list goes on and on…

Maybe this is why the question of #alllivesmatter sounds so positive to me!

TARGETS – Historical Monuments

At many places, the movement has been dominated by vandalism. The campaign against the historical figures is gaining momentum. The protesters vandalized the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, and Christopher Columbus. Around 78 historical figures in the UK alone have been the specific targets of protesters.

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Is this a game of politics?

In India, people are coming with #muslimlivesmatter with a “minority group” defense. History is the evidence that when one ethnic or cultural group got preference over the other then more wrongs sparkled than more rights.

Take the burning topic of Reservation in India on the basis of “CASTE categories”. Here people are still struggling to find the actual house “ON FIRE”, the SC/ST/OBC, or The GENERAL. And hypocrisy is at its best when somebody came up with a #dalitslivesmatter! in the Times of India article.

END OF THE STORY: #alllivesmatter

This blog is not to offend the sentiments of black people or anywhere near justifying the horrific death of George Floyd.
Clearly, the people who are racist are the worst ones. But when dug deep into the situation Black Lives Matter is inevitably racist. One side you had started the campaign to stop racism and on the other side, you are flaming it with #blacklivesmatter. And that too with the fact that no longer exists from the last two or more decades i.e. “Black being slaves”.

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If black people are the ones who are constantly suffering in the United States then why the last decade is shouting the name of legendary Barrack Obama, an African American!?  

Lastly, if somebody is criminal then it doesn’t matter if he is black, brown, or white. No matter he is Hindu, Muslim, or Christian. We are humans and that should be the only parameter for allegations.

Little things is all that matters”
Similarly, a little change in the hashtag would have changed the whole narration of the story.

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