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What is Population Control Law and why is it trending on twitter?

by Layba Yaseen
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The Population Control Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha in July, 2019. The people in the parliament believe that it is about time they needed something like population control. In 2020, an MP tweeted about why it was necessary for the bill to become a law. He opined that if India needs to be self-reliant then the rapidly increasing population needs to be under control.

The Bill proposed to introduce a two-child policy and the people to implement that will get certain incentives offered by the government. The Bill ensures a privileged access to public health and education to the people with two or less children.

The discussion on population control started in August 2019, when our Hon’ble Prime Minister spoke about “population explosion” in his speech. One needs to worry about population explosion because it is becoming a hindrance in the development of the country. It has been observed that the population rate has been increasing on an average of 0.8- 1.10% every year. The fertility rate however has been going down.

The image has been taken from macrotrends.net and shows the decline in fertility rate over the years.

Why is #WeWantPopulationControlLaw trending on twitter?

On Monday, September 21st, #wewantpopulationcontrolaw was trending all over twitter. The people took to twitter while a parliament session was ongoing and addressed their concerns about how the country needs population control. Some stated how, many countries have already implemented the law and it is high time India should implement that too. India is the second most populated country in the whole world and one needs to have control over that if we want to become self-reliant.

A person even cited a 2017 Indian Express Article stating, “India has been projected to have the largest Muslim population by 2050, according to a report by the Pew Research Centre. The report says there will be 311 million Muslims in India by 2050, a population which will constitute 11 per cent of the global trend. The research also says that India will continue to house the largest number of Hindus in the world, with their population rising to 1.3 billion.”

Here are some of the tweets that are trending under the hashtag:

The country is already going through a tough period economically. Amid the pandemic, let’s see what actions the higher authorities will take and will the bill become a law or not.

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