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Why the one-sided victory ?


So, the election is over and the results are declared. The BJP bore the palm. It is said to be a one-sided victory because Bhartiya Janta Party won over 303 seats out of 545 against the entire opposition. There is plenty of reason for that.

We have seen how the entire team of BJP put their efforts in campaigning, be it the workers or the Prime Minister. Every one did their best as a team which led the voting fall in their favor and eventually grabbed the victory.

If we talk about the opposition, they have also given their best but people want development of our country alongwith beneficial future plans. In a nutshell, it can be said that BJP campaigned to gain votes while the opposition’s campaign severely trounced. The reason behind this is the Modi wave, well known to everyone and if you desire to stop this wave one should have a clear plan for that. Calling names to the Prime Minister of the country will obviously make people go against you. Instead, the opposition could have raised genuine issues and have promised to solve them when they would come in power. Secondly, instead of talking about different schemes, their benefits and future plans the opposition kept questioning the national security. The BJP took it as an advantage and used it in their rallies to provoke people to go against Congress. We all know if candidate questions the country and its forces it makes people doubt their intention to work for the country’s progress. Thirdly, trying to seek and impress only a particular community of the country. India is a secular country with diversified people and culture, so everyone’s sentiments should be obeyed and respected. We have seen many times where the opposition insulted the majority of the country by quoting terms like Hindu terror etc. They have also defamed Hindu God and Goddess several times. One such incident happened where a man gave a coconut as a prasad to Jyotiradityanath Scindia and he disrespectfully threw it out his car’s window. The incident went viral and we saw his vote margin declined there. Next is making promises which seemed impossible to fulfil. For example, Rahul Gandhi promised to give Rs 72000 to every poor family per year. We have also seen in Madhya Pradesh how Congress promised to waive loans of farmers and provide them with a better lifestyle with electricity and infrastructure, but none of them was fulfilled. Again many a times, we saw the opposition insulting our great freedom fighters like V.D.Savarkar and they paid less attention to legends like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel etc.

India has the highest population of youths. Things which the Congress has earlier ignored, the BJP shed a light on it and worked towards it. It attracted the youth, made them believe and talked rational.

Keeping their mistakes in mind and trying to eliminate from the next time, I wish the opposition should transform itself and come again in the next election as a tough competitor. Otherwise, the victory will go on same like one-sided.


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