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Mob Lynching And Religion.

by Puja Singh
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India has known around the world for its unity in diversity policy. With people having different caste, culture, creed, race, religion, makes it even more special in the world. Though the Hindus are in majority followed by Muslims and Christian, the country is a secular one. It has been added in the Indian constitution by 42nd Amendment Act in 1976. Since then India is no particular religion’s country, everyone can follow and practice their religion without any objection.

                For some days, we have been witnessing communal outrage in the country. We cannot blame a particular institution or community for such a situation. The country is now divided into two parts. Both of them claims to be secular. But the reality is something else. Even the fourth pillar of democracy i.e.the media has jumped into this game and now playing a huge role in flaming this fire. Recently, in Jharkhand, a man was murdered because he was trying to steal someone’s Bike. The crowd caught him red-handed and lynched him to death. However, the decision of the public was not right at all even though he was a thief, the public must follow the law and order. Then, there come the media and some politicians. Both trying to grab their personal benefit from the incident without realising that it could disturb the country’s peace and harmony. The media is making this a communal incident by highlighting the religion of the culprit and the victim for their TRP. While the politicians are trying to drum up more voters. Be it, anyone, whether a Hindu or a Muslim the culprits must be punished. For this, our constitution is well designed and will serve accordingly. The media and politicians are no-one to draw a conclusion to such an incident and create a disturbance in the society because when it comes to religious matter people take it as a personal attack on their freedom and faith. Social media is also making a fuss out this situation where people running hashtags like #NoToJaiShreeRam and #NoToAllahHuAkabar. Some media channels are also claiming that the man was lynched by a group of Hindus who forced them to chant Jai Shree Ram and when he denied, they killed him. This way they are trying to move this incident to an entirely different level and giving it a communal colour.

          Such incidents are highly commendable and people whosoever are involved in this must be punished first be it any media, politician or any other celebrity. We people follow such institution and celebrities. They must be responsible for what they speak or do because it may mislead their followers and disturb unity and will create other problems as well.

We all together form this society. Unity shall be our priority. Before forwarding and believing any fake message one should know and check the authenticity of that message. Together we all stand and face can face anything and apart we fall.

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