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Pico: The magic of having a farm in your palm

by Ankit Gaurav
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In this long period of lockdown, you must have been confined inside the four-walls of your homes, missing the feel and breeze of nature. At least once you must have got the thought of planting some indoor plants be it for fresh herbs for your kitchen, pleasant odor, and refreshed environment or for decorative purposes. But, are you scared and worried that you might over-water it or the lightning in your house won’t be suitable for the new sapling or plant?

Well, now you need not worry about it. You have got PICO to fulfill your wish of having perfectly healthy indoor plants. But wait, what exactly Pico ??

Let’s meet PICO…..

Pico is a tiny farm that fits in your palm. It was developed by Altifarm Enverde, a startup based across the USA and India. 

Pico is a self sufficient device that grows plants and herbs for you without much of your interference. And how does it do that ? Let’s take a look :

Telescopic LED growth Lights :

Pico adjustable
Telescopic LED growth Lights

Pico comes with a 32 cm tall corrosion-resistant steel adjustable LED grow lights. This light grows with your plant, i.e, you can adjust the height of the light according to the height of your plant. This telescopic LED light is multi-spectrum grow light which provides your plant enough light to grow. Multi-spectrum light is light that covers the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet or all wavelengths that are useful to plant or animal life. These powerful LEDs are chosen to support a wide range of plants and each color wavelength stimulates a specific biological function in plants. It is considered to be the smallest to grow light.

32cm pico
32 cm tall adjustable LED grow lights

Inbuilt Self Watering Technology :

Now that you’re sure that your plant gets the perfect amount of light to grow, your next worry would be when and what amount of water should you give to your plant? Well. Pico has your back again!. With its self-watering technology, Pico makes sure that your plants or herbs are watered whenever they need it and in a proper amount. All you need to do is top-up once a week. 

Refill every week and forget about watering

The transparent part of Pico lets you see the water level left in it. Typically it needs a refill every 1 week. Transfering the water to the roots of the plant does not require any external force like a motor or anything. It uses the principle of Capillary Action to make water reach the plant roots. Capillary Action is the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, external forces like gravity. It ensures that your plants grow quicker and healthier.

capillary action
Capillary Action

What else makes Pico so special ?

Other than being self sufficient, the following features and attachments makes it more desirable :

Multi-Mounts :

3 mounts

Keeping pots in your home takes up space. They can only be placed on flat surfaces getting an ample amount of light and air. But, Pico proves that any place is good to grow, be it your desk, fridge, mirror, bathroom, windows or, anyplace you think of. It comes with 3 different interchangeable mounts: Magnetic, Wall-hanging and, velcro. This gives you the flexibility to place them anywhere you want.

USB Type-C ports and Daisy Chains :

c-type cable

Like every other electronic gadget, Pico also needs power to run. Pico comes with 2 port C charging cables:

  1. Short double-ended cable
  2. A long cable of 3-meter length so that you can charge the device from anywhere far. It also has magnetic organizers to help you route the cables properly.

You can also charge it with any normal port C phone charger. With its USB Type-C ports on both sides, 3 Picos can be chained up together, forming a Daisy Chain and then, we can charge all 3 Picos together.

daisy chain
Form Daisy Chain and charge 3 Picos together

Grow anything you like :

Because of it’s adjustable size you can choose any plant that grows less than or equal to 35cm in height. Be it any herb, environment detox plant or, ornamental plant, you can grow anything. Just make sure of the maximum possible height of the plant.

Grow any plant in Pico

Having so many benefits this new technology is the next advancement in the development of science which has aimed to bring you close to nature. Studies have shown that having plants indoor helps you stay calm and refreshed. And it also helps to increase the productivity of the work by up to 15% !

Coming in 3 different colours, the products cost only $34 as of now. So if you’re impressed by this new step of technology to bring you closer to nature, make sure to step forward to get this product. So, comment down below and let us know if you’re willing to get Pico in your home and if you already have one do share your valuable reviews in the comment section below. 🌱

(Source: Kickstater)

It’s PICO time !!

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