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Love the monsoon style, through these hacks.

So, monsoon is back in business, which brings us to a dilemma on deciding what to wear and what not to as during monsoons the weather turns humid and the roads accumulate a lot of dirt and water. So, here are some of the hacks for you guys to help you avoid the mess this monsoon.


Dark solid colors are the perfect answer this monsoon. As monsoon is unpredictable, your favorite pastels for your date can turn into a nightmare if worn in this season. If you go with solids, even if you end up getting drenched in the rain it saves your clothes from giving a transparent effect. Doesn’t matter which shade you go with just remember it’s your go-to savior in this season.

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Want to know more about color psychology of clothes :imagedoc.com.au

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As many know that monsoon has an exceptional amount of humidity in the atmosphere, which makes it quite difficult for us to choose the fabric to wear in this season. So lookup for the fabrics which dry up quickly and doesn’t keep you damp in water for a long time. Cotton is the first fabric that you should consider best for monsoon as it is light, soft, and easily absorbs water and dry up in no time, keeping you cool and chic (as it creates a perfect flow of air in and out with its efficient fabric). Other preferable fabrics can be Denim, rayon, crepe.

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It’s a nightmare to wear skinny bottom during monsoon. Imagine getting fully drenched in the rains while wearing those bottoms. Terrible isn’t it? These not only make you uncomfortable but it’s also unhygienic. So wear light fabrics which don’t stick to your skin and dry up quickly.

Love your Bottoms
Sources: AJIO , very


The footwears in monsoon should have a “good grip” and are “not prone to slip easily”. Consider wearing waterproof leather slip-on, floaters, or strappy sandals for comfortable and sturdy wear in this tormenting rainy season.

Love your foot wear
Sources: Lbb, paperblog


These essentials are your ultimate savior in this gloomy weather.  Umbrella, perfume to save you from bad odour, a waterproof pouch to keep your phone safe.

 love Essential accessories.


masks & sanitizers.
Sources: Deccanherald, theconversation
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