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A night in Delhi!

by Hashtag Kshitij
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When we came out of theater it was already late night . Full with energy and happiness, not at all in mood to go home. One of us said, ” Let’s go somewhere.” And then comes the worst phase, deciding where to go. We all are teetotalers, searched the internet but didn’t found anything. I finally came up with the idea, let’s head to India Gate, and then we’ll see where to go next.

Got our biketanks filled, and we left for the capital. We were so damn excited, but when we reached there, the lights on the gate were off, our bad luck i guess. I have seen India Gate lit up at night. It all looks so beautiful. On the other side, the street opposite was totally lit up. Small food stalls, children cars, other stalls etc. made the mood lit. I always wanted to ride on the road of Rajpath, I don’t know why. But yes, it actually gave me a kick. And, that night i fulfilled one of my dreams 😀 .


As it was already late and we did not eat since evening, our stomach was rumbling with hunger. So, next our task was filling our stomachs. The best option we all knew was Jain Chawal Wala. It serves the most delicious food in CP (Connaught Place). The prices are not much high, but the only problem here was with the seating. There was no place to sit. It is so popular that you might have to wait even to stand at the tables outside their shop. But in hunger who sees whether we are getting to sit or not. We to Jain Chawal Wala and stuffed ourselves with food until our huger was satisfied. It was sooo delicious !

Now, we were in mood for some dessert. We got it sorted. We drifted our way to Chandni Chowk. There we had really lip smacking Shahi Tukda and Rabri Faluda. These are some of the best desserts one can have in Delhi.

There were lots of other things we had planned, but we had to come back to Noida. So we ended the trip on this sweet note.

Checkout the full video here

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