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A famous English proverb, “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, couldn’t be used at a better place whilst presenting Jabber mask. There’s no denying of the fact that the current situation is going to stay with us for longer time. This directly means that there’s going to be an uncanny demand of mask. Mr. Tyler Glaiel, a video game programmer and designer, has developed Jabber Mask, an interactive voice-controlled face-mask that can smile or display emotions on-demand.

The mask is capable of displaying various emotions on its display.

The origin story

Tyler Glaiel, founder of Jabber mask being a tech savant and takes pride in all the developments he did by using his skills as an avid coder. He has developed various games such as The End is Nigh, Closure, Bombernauts and Aether. Tyler, being a college droput saw this sudden hype in demand of mask s as an golden opportunity to bring his skills at work to a better usage. In his interview, Tyler constantly describes the continuous failures he faced while working on this idea, he once ended up almost destroying his house while development of the product. Initially, Tyler made the mask for his own use and uploaded a video while using it and it suddenly became an internet sensation which allowed him to meet investors and tech developer which made the product market available, God bless the Internet !

How does it works and what are its features ?

Glimpse of Tyler developing led panel on a basic bread board.

The JabberMask functions on a separate array of motion detection software, which is connected to a LED tray. The LED tries to reflect the mouth’s movements while speaking or can smile or display emojis on-demand. The sensor array also is integrated with a microphone, which enables its various voice-enabled features.

Apart from its interactive features, the mask functions just like other protective equipment. Verified by experts, JabberMask is simply a cloth mask that is well-fitted for personal protection during everyday activities and protects almost as effectively as surgical masks.The masks have a detachable mechanism embedded to ensure the wash-ability of the cloth and not, in turn, harming the LED Panel, the battery module is located at the back of the head to make it more comfortable.

There are three different versions of the Jabber Mask. The Lite is the basic model with a 6×6 LED grid that displays the moving mouth and smile and is battery powered, the Deluxe has a larger 8×8 LED grid and a rechargeable battery, and the Pro adds emoji support that can be controlled through an Android or iOS app.

Where can we get it ?

At this point, it is worth adding that JabberMask is a kickstarter project that we can still support to receive our copy, also in Poland, because shipments are made all over the world. There are three versions of the mask to choose from, i.e. Lite, Deluxe and Pro, costing $ 39, $ 49 and $ 69 respectively, and vary a lot. In the case of the first two, the differences come down to the number of LEDs (6×6 vs 8×8) and power (4 AAAA batteries vs rechargeable battery), and the third stands out. Mainly due to the ability to control using the application, because in the case of two cheaper ones we have voice control, here we can already enter the content on the smartphone that we want to display on the hood.


There’s no denying that face masks have become an essential commodity in our everyday lives, an undesired communication curb is apparent. The JabberMask aims to address this, though it may prove difficult for those still getting used to wearing a mask every day to feel comfortable displaying electronic facial expressions on top of them. But as masks become more common, over time, masks will have more advanced and multi-functional versions.