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Crimes against women were reported as India celebrated its 74th Independence Day

While the citizens of the country are still exhilarated by the mention of sanitary napkins and the plan that are being executed to help change the legal age of marriage in the Independence Day’s speech, heinous crimes against women were committed on the same day. While the country celebrated its 74th Independence Day, numerous crimes against women were reported throughout the nation.

Rape of a minor in Delhi

An incident was reported from the capital of the country. A minor was kidnapped and raped after she stepped out of her house to use the washroom on the night of 14th August. According to a report brought into light by Indian Express, the girl of mere 13 years of age stepped out to use the common washroom. But she was dragged into the nearby woods and raped by her neighbor as the accused’s friend kept guard.

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Minor brutally raped and murdered in Lakhimpur Kheri

The Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh rape case has shook the nation. A 13-year old girl was raped and murdered on Friday, 15th August. The girl was reported missing after she went into the fields to relieve herself and was later found in the cane field. The post-mortem reports suggested that the girl was raped and strangled to death. However, the family claimed that her tongue was cut and eyes gouged out.

Teenage girl raped and burnt with cigarette butts

According to the reports, a brick kiln laborer’s daughter was abducted when she went to fetch water. She was taken to a hut near a pond by two men and was raped. She was also tortured as the authorities found burns on her body inflicted by cigarette butts. The suspects allegedly fled after the girl was unconscious.

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From 2001-2017, there have been 4,15,786 reports of rape that have been filed in India. Even though the country is progressing towards good, there are multiple changes that need to be brought in order to ensure the safety of women and prevent crimes against them.

Before every other policy, government must introduce strictest norms and laws to put a halt on rapes and other crimes. Then India will have a real progress where its women and girls are safe.

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