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by Isha Chauhan
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What is the first thing that comes to your mind, while talking about core exercises?  Having six-pack abs right? In reality this is not it, your core basically comprises of all the muscles lying between your chest and your hips. The most known muscles include, transverse abdominis(deep ab muscles that wrap around the front stomach), obliques( your side abs) and rectus abdominis(six pack muscles).

Maintaining a strong core is far more than just having six-pack abs. It improves your balance, strengthens you and what not. A typical abs workout has moves that strengthen and fire up almost all of our major muscles. The mantra to get a key-toned ab is to train your abs from every angle.

The next key to toned abs is to involve your navel, abs muscles and spine all together. Focus on pulling your navel towards spine, making sure your abs do the work and your lower back or spine.

Let’s get to work now! The moves discussed below are some of the best moves to be practiced in order to be toned at home, in no time.

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INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU BEGIN: The exercises listed below should be performed for at least 30 to 60 seconds each, continuously, at least up to 4 exercises. After completion of the first set wait for a minute and then repeat the set again.


The main stress lies on your obliques and transverse abs. The procedure involves lying on the back having your arms extended towards the ceiling , with a 90 degree angle between your knees and hips. Keep the lower back gently on the mat and simultaneously extending lower right leg and left arm correspondingly. Till the time your leg is about to touch the ground, keep your arm stretched. Repeat this for the other side, up to at least next 30-60 seconds. Keep the same pace for at least three sets, then rest for about 30 seconds and repeat again.


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Workout involving an isometric core exercise strengthens your spine, rhomboids and your abs, which further promotes strong posture keeping the bones aligned. For a perfect plank, sit on your knees and move your hands forward. Extend your hands and legs making a straight line. Balance your weight on feet balls and gaze forward. Hold the position for at least 30-60 seconds. Repeat the set at least three times , giving a break of 30 seconds after each set.


Side planks not only strengthen the obliques, but also provides a full body exercise to muscles in hips, shoulders and chest. Lie down on the floor with your forearm on the floor and legs extended. Make sure that your body is  in a straight line. Lift your hips up and engage your core. Stay there for at least 5 deep breaths. Once completed turn to the other side and repeat the same. Repeat the set at least 3 times and then take rest of 30 seconds, simultaneously repeating the next set.


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Being an intermediate level variation, reverse crunch is one of the most popular crunch workout. It enables you to loose belly fat by developing muscles on rectus abdominis. Lie down on the back, with your thighs perpendicular to the ground and knees bent. Slightly curl your knees into the chest so as to lift hips off. Repeat for 5 more breaths. After repeating the exercise for 10-12 times, take a rest for 30 seconds and then continue the set once again.


This offers a deep stretch to your core as well as abdominal muscles. Sit down on the floor with your legs lifted and bent perpendicular to the body. Arms bent on either side of the legs , hands clasped together and elbows wide. Rotate your torso as well as elbow on either side of the mat and stay there for 3 deep breaths. Then come back to center. Repeat the process at least 5 times and then take rest for 30 seconds. You are now ready for the second set of seated rotation for your abs to get on fire.


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V-UP pose offers a deep stretch on your abs , thus reducing your belly fat at the same time. To start with lie down on the mat with your legs extended and arms by side of both legs. Then, lift both your legs and shoulders and form a V shape with the body being balanced on the tailbone. Repeat the workout 2 more times , then take rest for 30 seconds and repeat the next set accordingly.


The workout focuses on all fours and transverse abs. To begin with put your hands stacked directly above the shoulders and knees below hips. Keeping torso still, extend your right arm in front and left leg at back simultaneously. Stay there for 3 deep breathes. Repeat this with the other side. After keeping at least 3 sets, take rest for 30 -60 seconds and begin set 2 again. Banded bird ensures you transverse toned and six-pack abs.

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