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Get a trendy look with our Beard Styling Guide!

by Prasantt Ghosh
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I hear many men say that they grow beards to avoid shaving regularly. But facial hair needs to be maintained to look acceptable. That is what the clip is for on your electric shaver.

 Facial hair is a whole topic on its own and will come up a few times during these tips. First and foremost if you do wish to have facial hair, keep your beard or goatee neatly trimmed. Keep it level and even the biggest issue I have with facial hair is when it is not level. I remember watching a man speak and missing his entire point as I was busily looking at his mismatched sideburns. They were very distracting. It is equally as important to have your goatee, mustache, and chin features even. Otherwise you appear lopsided.

Robert Pattinson in Goatee style

Think about that goatee to some people a man wearing a goatee is akin to the devil and therefore it is mistrusted. A goatee can look fashionable if carefully maintained. , but be warned it does take regular maintenance and will not appeal to all people. The lower lip tickler of all the facial hairstyles worn today this style is the least offensive and the one accepted by the majority of industries. Whatever you do make sure it is centered. The shorter the style the more conservative it is. If trust is important your clients’ shaving could well be considered here. Facial hair, the full beard you are an outdoorsman or a man of limited grooming needs. You want low maintenance or to create a nautical look. The beard really needs to be well maintained or it will look scruffy. The only true value of this beard is to hide acne scarring or a weak chin.

Nick Bateman with a Stubble

Man with full face stubble, this is the look of one who is taking time off from the business world. If a man wants to look rugged and unconcerned with his overall appearance he can go for stubble. However such stubble requires careful grooming to maintain the look and is often more trouble than the overall result. Wearing it to work will only give the appearance that you are not concerned with the finer details and are in holiday mode.

Classic Thick Mustache
( Source : Pinterest )

The classic thick mustache think 1970. This was a huge hit with men back then and women who were in their 20s and 30s then may still fancy a man with a thick mustache. You have to have a decent beard to grow one. Today its only positive use is to hide a hare lip. I always recommend a man lose the mustache and he will often lose 10 years. The Salvador Dali whip-thin mustache this fine mustache is a unique style. It can be sharp and daring but also affected and old fashioned. You are a true eccentric to carry this look. Extended sideburns think Elvis lamb chops or the think Elvis lamb chops or the finer lines sported by many musicians. Sideburns can either highlight your cheekbones or if they are too heavy take the focus completely from your eyes.

Handlebar ( Source : Pinterest )

The handlebar this thicker whip moustache is now more regularly sported by artists and leather men. This suggests a man who takes the time to shape and wax his moustache daily. Not for the faint hearted.

Fine facial art prince among others takes the time to trim his beard into fine lines. This style adds interest to the face but is very difficult to maintain. It is great for musicians’ artists and men in other very creative fields. If you are in the business world many may be worried your main interest is in yourself and not the business at hand.  Rectangle your face is predominantly longer than the oval. The squareness of your jaw line gives you the classic masculine look.

Hair do’s-  you look great with a fringe and side parts. Hair do’s with center parting is a disaster. Too much hair height will emphasize the length of your face.  Clothing your angular features will suit sharp collars and crisp fabrics.

Wear glasses if your features are more angular than soft. You will ideally suit rectangular shapes with more width than depth to shorten your face especially if it is particularly long.              

 Your face is as wide as it is long and you have fullness at your cheekbones. Your goal is to make your face appear narrower.  Have a side part with your hair swept across your face. A slight fringe will work. Don’t a heavy fringe will make you look heavier. Avoid fullness at the ears.  Choose styles with a softer edge to harmonize with your features Windsor knot ties, spread collars, round-necked jumpers.

Source : Coastal

You can either wear oval glasses to complement your face shape or a squarer shape to give you a more angular appearance. A frame that is longer than it is wide will give your face more length. Avoid round frames as you will be too round in your appearance.

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