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DIY trends for you to try

by Ankita Priyaa
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DIY trends also known as do-it-yourself is the new culture we are stepping into. These projects range from major home renovations to crafty endeavors that can be completed in an hour or less. They are so in trend because :

  • They are budget friendly.
  • According to your style, your preference.
  • These are something you enjoy while doing

For more DIY ideas you can also go to : https://www.pinterest.ca/TOtoollibrary/diy-trend-forecast/

So, here are some of the DIY trends for you guys to try :


So many wall hangings and so little time! A great addition to the world of wall art, wall hangings have a retro vibe, yet many are surprisingly modern. In the last few years, we’ve seen the wall hanging options multiplied it with elements such as metal and mirrors working their way into the designs. Brass, wood, and cotton flossing create the perfect marriage of modern style and innovative design.

wall hanging
Source: brit, etsy


Hand-dyed textiles are definitely something to have a moment.If you’re new to this game, keep in mind that it’s as much about manipulating the fabric as it is about dyeing it.

hand dyed textiles
Source: abeautifulmess, etsy, eraofartists


When it comes to tassels, what’s not to love?! You can use them to embellish almost anything, from curtains to woven baskets to earrings and door hangers, and here , we can play with different materials as well.

Source: francescas , minne , etsy


Not only are ring dishes the perfect gift, but they’re also a great way to embellish a small space. Since they’re practical and easy to craft, it’s no wonder DIY bloggers have come up with a slew of clever ways to create these petite treasures. To do something different leave an impression on your ring dish with the help of small items such as stencils and stamps, flowers, or can play with the shape of the dishes.

DIY  trends , ring dishes
Source: livemaster , blissmakes , etsy

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