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Spring Fruits : Happiness

Fruits, which are the source of various vitamins and minerals and which are indispensable for our snacks, have a very important place in terms of our health. The fruits grown in spring are more loved and consumed than fruits grown in other seasons. With the end of winter, sunny and beautiful weather, the flavors that go to our stomach begin to flourish. In the beginning of these are the spring fruits. What are the fruits that grow in the spring?

We are approaching towards the end of winter and there is spring in front of us. The first thing that comes to mind when we say spring is the warming of the weather, the opening of the flowers and the greenery of the trees. In addition, special fruits that do not grow in other months also grow in spring. Fruits that are as important as vegetables and other animal products enable us to meet the various vitamins and nutrients our body needs. We have listed the useful fruits you should consume in the upcoming sunny spring days. Here are the fruits that grow in spring:

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1) Strawberries

Rezultat slika za jagode

Strawberries, flavors of desserts, yogurts are added as an intermediate meal, which is a species of plant within the family of Rosaceae and the common name of the fruits of the species in this genus. This fruit, which is also useful for skin health, has antioxidant properties.

2) Green Plum

When it is called spring, the first fruit that comes to mind is green plums. In the first weeks, the green plum which is very expensive and sold to the prices that everyone can not buy, contains vitamins A, C and K. This fruit, which helps to strengthen the gums and protect the immune system, also protects the sugar balance in the blood.



It is the raw form of almond, which can only remain green for 20 days. The epoch, which is also a sign of spring, is consumed in a very short time. It is usually eaten with salt and is very useful. It contains a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin E in the high fiber ratio. Thanks to its high magnesium content which plays vital role in terms of blood and vessel health.

4) Cherry

The end of the spring and early summer cherry rosaceae is a family of fruit and is a very tasty fruit. It is also preferred for diabetics because of its low glycemic index. It protects the eye health thanks to its vitamin A. In addition, cherry stems can be dried and consumed in the form of tea.

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5) Maltese Plum (New World)

In some places, the loquat and in some places, this fruit tree known as plum, is always green in both summer and winter. This fruit, which does not grow in our country and comes to our country from the far east, has a high content of A vitamins and has the feature of dehydration.


Rezultat slika za avocado

The benefits of counting avocados are high protein and energy stores. Usually grown in Mexico and Central America, the avocado retards aging, has a significant effect on the regeneration of body tissues and healing of wounds, and also helps to meet vitamins A and E.

Who doesn’t fall in love with the enchanting weather of the year, the spring! If you haven’t tried these fruits, what are you waiting for? And if you have a favorite spring fruit, tell us down here. Maybe we have a similar choice out of nowhere 😉

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