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Netaji, zara soch samajkar boliye!

Elections in India are round the corner, polling started from April 11 and so the opposition’s extreme war on each other. Though the battle is verbally sought, the political leaders never fail to hit back. Their verbal communication involves wit, mud-sling, and ridicule, and some recent scandalous comments have proved the part. These attacks are followed by sexism by male politicians on female leaders which questions the 2019 elections. The modern election is expected to be fair, free of defamation and prudent but it’s all the same as before. There is no change over five years, politics is still ugly and dirty and the recent remarks made over female politicians are our eyewitnesses.

On April 14, SP leader Azam Khan allegedly threw shafts at Jaya Prada, who is fighting the Lok Sabha polls from Rampur against him on a BJP ticket, the SP leader said, “Rampur waalo, UP waalo, Hindustan waalo, uski asliyat samajhne main aapko 17 baras lag gaye.Main 17 dinon main pehchaan gaya ki inke neeche ka jo underwear hai, wo khaki rang ka hai.” Such a disgusting remark plus insulting a woman just because she changed the party and representing against you. This shows the mentality of our so-called leaders who build a democratic nation.

On April 1, People’s Republican Party leader Jaydeep Kawade jibed at BJP minister Smriti Irani saying, “Let me tell you a thing about Smrti Irani. She wears a big bindi on her forehead and someone told me that when a woman changes her husbands frequently, the size of her bindi keeps growing.” The misogyny can be easily spotted and interestingly all the leaders whether left, right or center of the political spectrum find sexism a way to oppose.

On March 27, DMK leader Nanjil Sampath said, “There are BJP governors in 21 states of India. Here one woman, Kiran Bedi, we don’t know if it is a man or a woman.” The least an individual does is raise a sexist comment under which all the male politicians are united.

On March 26, SP leader Firoz Khan said that erstwhile SP and now BJP leader Jaya Prada will turn the evenings of Rampur rangeen. The National Commission for Women issued a notice to him seeking an explanation but history shows us that these cases hardly matter to such netas.

Taking a barb on women is the only option these political leaders seek, recently Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha said PM Modi “sounds like a blonde” and other leader calling his opponent “worse than a woman”. This is what a patriarchal nation looks like; this is the worst case scenario of a democratic country and this is how we comprehend sexism is a lesser crime of Indian politics. The Election Commission of India is missing in action (MIA) in such defamation cases and banning netas for religious comments.

Take a troll over the female leaders but we all know that the future is female. Other than passing comments on Mayawati’s age or Priyanka Gandhi’s way of dressing, the citizens of India want politicians to work for the country and the countrymen. Taking a dig on beauty, work, ideology and even region won’t stop women to enter politics, be it Hema Malini or Urmila Matondkar. Ironically, this is what these politicians lack and can’t work on but they are too forward in their misogyny and tantrums.

So readers, choose wisely and real democratic leaders for our country.


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