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Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR – Inspired By The Future

This name of the groundbreaking concept vehicle not only stands close to advance vehicular transformation but also is an excellent vision of the cars of the future generations. The premium auto luxury company has launched this sustainable concept car, Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), La Vegas. This car is a wild new concept as it was inspired by the sci-fi movie Avatar (2009). This magnificent automobile was designed by the help of movie director James Cameron who too was present at the launch. Along with immense technical capabilities and outlandish style, this concept vehicle embodies the distant vision of Mercedes-Benz engineers, designers and the research team for advanced mobility in future.

The Vision AVTR
The lunch of Vision AVTR at CES 2020.

The Zero Vehicular Emission Confidence

The Vision AVTR, with no doubt resembles the epitome of dynamic richness because of its four near-built electric motors, well known for its high performance. This magnificent vehicular beast exhibits a combined engine power of more than 350 kW. Hence, displaying it’s high intelligent electric mobility(EQ Power). The Vision AVTR is popular for its efficient management of power for its four entirely individually controllable motors. Innovation enabled with torque vectoring, assures that the car can be driven in different freedoms. At the same time, it provides the best possible safety mechanism. This means that each of the wheels of the Vision AVTR can be driven individually. This special feature leads to the possibility of every wheel to be moved in the opposite ways. This allows the car to move sideways, 30 degrees approx. This crab-like movement of the car was inspired from the reptiles from the movie Avatar (2009).

The Vehicle Body
Cool doors of Mercedes Benz
Open Doors

Advance Battery Technology

The Vision AVTR was made keeping the safety of the environment in mind. This car runs particularly on powerful and high-voltage battery to sustain the environment’s need for use of organic energy. Another great feature is the revolutionary battery technology which is a graphene based organic cell chemistry. It eliminates the release of rare and harmful pollutants into the Earth’ s atmosphere. This makes the Vision AVTR completely and electromotive vehicle keeping the use of fossil fuels at bay.

Angular view of the Mercedes Benz
Angular view of the vehicle.

The Extraordinary Fast Charging Capability

Compared to today’s battery system, having 1,200 Wh/litre assures that the Vision AVTR has an exceptional fast charging capability. This allows the car’s battery to be fully recharged within fifteen minutes of charging. The battery vehicle displays well the concept of shared space thus allowing maximum multi-functional interior. This model has a capacity of about 110 kWh hence allowing an electric range of more than 700 kilometres.

The Auto-Evolutionary Vehicle: Mercedes Benz
The Auto-Evolutionary Vehicle

Epitome of Efficiency

It is a goal of the esteemed car company Mercedes-Benz to preach the epitome of efficiency not only in the sphere of energy efficiency but also in the area of performance and drive concept. The company has assured that the drive power of the car is not compromised by focusing on efficient energy supply. The Vision AVTR uses a considerable amount of computer chips, sensors and artificial intelligence. This makes it one of the most versatile cars of all time. The innovative use of neuromorphic hardware guarantees minimal energy requirements for the efficient energy use of chips, sensors and other electrical components. The energy requirements of the car is met by movable solar panel plates. They are attached at the end of the back of the Vision AVTR. These solar panels which can be moved in over 33 directions give the exquisite look of bionic-flaps to the car.

Mercedes with black scales
The back Scales

The Merging of The Exterior With The Interior Body

Know for it’s altruistic looks, the Vision AVTR comes with a combines exterior-interior look. Mercedez-Benz cane with this type of design for the first time in the history of the German car brand. This design stands apart from all other designs due to its combined design discipline interior-exterior for combined immersive UX. This concept was implemented keeping in mind the main goal of Mercedes-Benz which is to ‘create a car which prolongs the perception of the passenger’. This unique feature offer the passengers with an immersive experience in such a way the they can connect with the surrounding in a unique manner.

Body of Mercedes Benz
Combines interior and exterior body of the vehicle.

Sustainable Framework

The back shell of the seats and the roof are fabricated with color-changing fabrics. Based on the amount of light from the exterior of the car, the color of the fabric ranges from dark blue to light blue. Only a special micro-fiber material like the vegan-DINAMICA (vegan leather) could aid in achieving such a feat. Vegan-DINAMICA is a recycled material which is made out of flags and PET- bottles giving the car an increased sustainable material framework. This creates a luxurious atmosphere making the passengers feel the peak of comfort and opulence.

Sustainable Framework Vehicle - Mercedes Benz
Sustainable Framework Vehicle

Control With Human Intuition

The Vision AVTR is aided with digital neurons which flow through the grille and then to the wheels. This system of operation displays the energy and the information of the passengers. It transfers the information using these crafted digital neurons for smart mobility of the vehicle. With the driver placing his hand on the center console, for the motion of the car, the very first interaction of the human with the surrounding happens intuitively with the help of the control unit. This offbeat method is executed by the interior of the car coming to live and recognising the driver by his breath. The result is displayed on the instrument panel and is visible at the place where the driver keeps his hand.

The Vision AVTR is well equipped with the bio-metric connect between the driver and his exterior surroundings leading to better awareness and an immersive experience. The bio-metric system is designed in such a manner that if the car changes its direction, then the energy from the neurons also flow in the particular direction.

Intuitive control of Mercedes with hands
Intuitive control with hands.

Creating An Overall Immersive Experience

The display module of the Vision AVTR, creates a visual connect between the passengers and the exterior world. This excellent feature replaces the conventional dashboard. It gives he passengers a glimpse of the exterior world in form of real time 3D graphics. Involving the passengers with the exterior world, the Vision AVTR allows the them to experience forces which are not normally visible to the naked eye; forces such as magnetic fields, ultraviolent light and bio energy.

Immersive Experience of Mercedes Vision AVTR
Immersive Experience of Vision AVTR

Usage Of Bionic Formal Language

Mercedes-Benz has exhausted all methods to make the dynamic Vision AVTR reach zenith of sustainability and luxury. The Vision AVTR is a perfect example on how advance technology can easily blend with nature creating a harmonious co-existence. With enhanced ability to communicate with the surroundings, this automobile effectively makes the passengers experience the feeling of enhanced super-human abilities.

The Bionic Framework Car
The Bionic Framework Car

Mercedes-Benz is pushing the concept car angle very hard. This automaker company is focusing on its long term goal of reduced carbon footprint by indulging it’s consumers with immense opulence. The wild new concept car, Vision AVTR is the only beginning of what Mercedes-Benz has in store for its passengers. Defining sustainable Luxury for the future, and unveiling such futuristic concepts, Mercedes-Benz never fails to display outlandish concepts leaving it’s consumers flabbergasted as never before.

Mercedes Benz


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