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The Indian Election 2019

With the onset of 2019, India welcomes its another election year. With cultural and religious diversity,the country’s well known for its democratic popularity. It wouldn’t be wrong to call democracy a new religion which is celebrated like a festival. Every year we experience election be it Rajyasabha, Loksabha, Nagar Nigam etc. Election is an ongoing process in this country.

Two major parties i.e The BJP and the INC will be facing each other with tough rivalry this election. Both the parties are straining every nerve to topple one another.

The entire world has its eye on India this year. From the diplomatic point of view countries like USA, France, Israel, UAE, Japan are taking a keen interest in this year’s election. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that India’s international relations have been strengthened in the last 5 years. PM Modi has done an astounding work in establishing international affairs. Right from Doklam to Pakistan issue we have seen India in the good book of countries. In last 5 year, India has developed good relationships with countries like Rwanda, Palestine, Sweden as well which were neglected earlier. A twist in the election result will affect the international diplomatic relationships as well.

The countdown has begun for general election. Both the parties will try to achieve their goal by hook or crook. It will be interesting to witness whether the Modi wave continues or the country is going to give another chance to the INC this year.


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