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Lesser-known Facts about Erica Fernandes

by Piyush Kumar
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Erica Fernandes, the name that needs no introduction today. The well-known television star who has been ruling the hearts of the audience with her blissful acting. We all are aware of how a resilient actress she is. The actress who was once a model is now a well-known person. With her charming acting in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi and Kasauti Zindagi Kay, the actress has gained a lot of success in a short period of time. Very few people are aware of the fact that before entering into the TV industry, the model had a Bollywood movie. Yes, there are many more interesting facts about Erica which people aren’t aware of.  In this article, we will see some of those interesting Lesser-Known Facts about Erica Fernandes.

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Some Unknown Facts about Erica Fernandes…

1. Erica Fernandes is a Big Foodie.

Well, the model turned actress is a big foodie. She is a non-vegetarian and her favourite dish is Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. Erica likes to experiment with food items. The actress also loves to bake cakes and cook a lot of bakery items. She also loves street foods like golgappas and Frankies.

Erica with her fav food.

2. Erica is a Fitness Freak

Not just Erica eats food, she is very hygienic and fitness freak as well. She loves to be fit and in good shape. She keeps on uploading her fitness pictures on Instagram now and then.


3. Her Passion for Fashion and Design.

Erica’s passion for fashion and interior design is barely a topic of discussion. We all know the fact that Erica was a model earlier. If not actress, Erica would like to opt for a career as a full-time Fashion or Interior Designer. Well, her fashion sense is remarkable and she has always been in limelight for the same. Further, she loves to stitch clothes and design them.

4. Her Creative side is barely known to the Audience.

Being just a model and successful actress is not what just Erica does. Very few people are aware of the fact that she is very creative and excels in designing the doodles.

5. Her Fear

Unlike other people, Erica isn’t afraid of the cockroaches. Rather, Erica is afraid of the rats. She really fear them.

6. Her Best Friend.

Erica is very down to her Earth person and definitely she chooses her friends wisely. Her best friend is non-other than Sana Khan. She has been friends with her since they participated together in a beauty pageant back in 2012.

Erica with her best friend
Source : Bollywood Mantra

7. Her Annoying Habit.

Well, the stunning model admits that she has a weird habit of stocking up plenty of food without eating it. Instead of getting food for one person, she gets it for around ten.

8. Traits Influence her the most.

There are certain traits that Erica’s fans are unaware of it. Well, any fan of her would love to know that which are the traits that influence Erica. Traits like, how to treat people, how to carry yourself, the mannerism, and appropriate behaviour is an important criterion to influence her strongly.

9. Her Favorite Show.

Well, the actress has gone through a busy schedule and barely gets time to binge-watch shows. However, if she gets time, she loves to watch the series LOST. She watches only when she gets free time.

TV show Erica loves to watch
TV show Erica loves to watch

10. Number of Shoes she owns.

The well-known actress owns around 65 pairs of shoes.

(Source : Starbiz)

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