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After being grilled for 9hrs Rhea Chakroborty spills the beans

by Kaveri Yadav
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Versatile actor Sushant Singh Rajput left us on June 14, 2020, with several unanswered questions and a heavy heart. As the Mumbai police are investigating the reasons behind such a harsh step, Sushant’s family and friends are being interrogated. Casting director Mukesh Chabra and Radhika Nihalani and Shruti Modi from Sushant’s PR team were questioned. Actress Rhea Chakroborty visited the Bandra Police station on Thursday, June 18, 2020, to record her statement in the late actor’s suicide case. The cross-questioning continued from morning to evening.


The interrogation lasted for 9 hours, wherein she was questioned about her relationship with him, his film projects, his mental state, and their breakup. Sources suggest that Rhea confessed they were in a relationship and were living together. She told the police that they were looking for a property together and were supposed to get married in November. Furthermore, her phone was scanned for relevant information regarding the case. The police went through their pictures, videos, and chats. It has been said that Rhea and Shushant were supposed to start shooting for a rom-com together, but their project was strangled by the nationwide lockdown. During the thorough interrogation, the actress also revealed that they had a spat a few days before his death. She left the Carter Road penthouse that they were sharing. Although, their chats suggest that Rhea and Shushant maintained contact even after their argument. In fact,  Rhea was the last person Shushant had called before taking such a big step.

Rhea leaving police station
Rhea Chakraborty walking out of the Bandra Police Station
(Source: ABPLive)

Shushant’s ashes were immersed in the Ganga on Thursday, but the spectre of his death is still floating as the Police are trying to decode several angles of this suicide case. It has been said that several production houses and other members of the Bollywood industry will also be questioned, till the real reasons for his depression and suicide are not inferred.

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