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“I thought I knew the type of woman I was attracted to, and then I met my future wife” (2)

by Meghna Mishra
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Sometimes letting go leads to a better tomorrow .”

( For part 1 navigate to https://www.mindbrews.com/i-thought-i-knew-the-type-of-woman-i-was-attracted-to-and-then-i-met-my-future-wife-1/ )

Letting Valentina go, I got busy in my life . Little did I know that my fate had something beautiful waiting for me .

Chapter 2: Amaira

I moved to India after an year, I had plans to publish a book of my own. India has always been an amazing place to be so I managed to travel as many places as I could. I met a fellow traveller in Kolkata, she was Amaira. We were compatible together and shared same goals.

After a month of togetherness, we started fighting on every single thing. Maybe our ego clashed. So we decided to forget each other and to be honest, it was easy for us. It never felt like a relationship but a deal which was becoming a partner in business. Amaira was mean and I somehow figured it out. My book was almost on last note, that night I had a flight to London. It was almost five years running here and there, high time of my life.

Final Chapter

I was in London at my book launch event. There were numerous people, business men, gorgeous ladies and media people. I was pouring drink in my wine glass and accepting accolades about my recent work. Amidst all the rush, my eyes glanced at a woman in black, her hair tied up, petite body and a confident turn as if she understood I’m staring. But I wasn’t staring in fact complimenting her beauty. As she stepped, I tried looking somewhere else but I just couldn’t. Her hazel eyes and high cheek bones, damn I’d never seen such an angel.

Wait, did I say angel? I took a sip of my wine, cleared my throat and raised a toast.

That night, I felt a connection with her. I didn’t know her name or number, so I’d let fate decide. I have my own travel firm running in London, I got too involved in this so it ran out of my mind. My work started affecting my life as I had no time for myself. I was so into my new business, stress and load was common. I planned a trip to Amsterdam and as I hadn’t travelled in a while, I packed my bags and flew. Admiring the views, visiting church and spas at night, my life balanced itself.

There were all strangers singing, drinking and hooking up with each other. I was happy but something was puzzling and I couldn’t really sense it. I was scrolling through my gallery, found a picture of the same woman. Who wouldn’t have snapped a picture that night, of a perfect lady in black. I again started to feel that connection, it was sort of metaphorical emotion. Next morning, I was having my Espresso and reading few magazines at motel. I was flabbergasted by the cover of the magazine, I found the woman in black. She was Kiara, one of the top journalist in the world. I googled about her, decided to meet her as I felt the saying what’s meant to be, will find it’s way. I was back in London, relaxed and calm. I became quite famous worldwide. I went to seminars, press conferences and TV shows. The destiny played it’s game here, Kiara’s show reached my PR for the interview. I wouldn’t have denied such an opportunity. The next day, she was downstairs waiting for me. We haven’t met yet, it was for my interview. Of course, I have always been thankful to my fate.

She was mind blowing that day, our interview would’ve been telecasted on weekend.

I was all smiles as I proposed her a date. She was an independent woman, fearless and bold. I knew the type of woman I was attracted to, she was the one. My past relationships hardly worked out so I was cautious. I was waiting for her to come down, she was putting on a dark blue slip dress with her wavy hair embracing her beauty. That moment, we talked about life and our future plans. Later that evening, we were walking down and it started drizzling. I ran across the street but she was standing still, feeling the breeze and drizzle. The best part was when she took out her phone and played the music. She took my hand and we danced that night. It was paradise on earth with her. She made me feel better, no misery, only us. I held her face and planted a kiss on her forehead. I knew now I’ve met my future wife. Everything was said and done, I accepted it.

I couldn’t resist her charm, I dreamt of us last night. I woke up ecstatic, feeling complete. I used to work extra hours in the bliss I recently discovered. I didn’t feel similar with my former girlfriends, it’s mature and haven with Kiara.

Next month was spring, I had to meet professionals at Italy. We were heading for our big pitch with Italians, it was million dollar project. Coincidentally, Kiara was also heading to the same place. She had a shoot with Michelin star restaurant in Italy.

It was a fine day, I texted Kiara.

Shall we meet?

Ummm, I’ll be free by 8 pm.

We were walking, hands intertwined gazing the city lights. We stopped at outdoor place to have a pizza. She loved roaming around rather than being in a seven star hotel. I found my soulmate, Kiara is my other half. She’s like a free bird, I clicked her pictures like I’m her biggest fan. I made up my mind to reveal my inner feelings. She came nearer, looked into my eyes and pulled her hair back of the ear. The wind was cold, I held her by my arm making her feel warm. Elvis Presley on radio, what could be more beautiful than that night. I gently moved whilst sucking her earlobe I whispered ‘I love you’ and she turned her baby face to kiss me. I tightly wrapped my hands around her waist making love to her. The road was silent, lesser people and I knelt down to propose her.

She astoundingly shouted yes, I could sense tears of joy in her eyes. I found my partner with whom I can share my forever. We drove back to our room, whole night we had conversations. We stayed in Italy for few days adding spark in our relationship. That trip which made us realise that we were meant to be together. A year later, Kiara and I got hitched. She has been with me in my ups and downs, in my madness and rudeness, in my sorrows and grief, and most importantly we’re imperfectly perfect together. It’s been four years with my wife, our little daughter and I wouldn’t want to trade anything else till eternity.

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