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HOPE AGAINST HOPE: A note to the Class of 2020

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I was sitting in my room thinking about the things this year 2020 has seized from me. The first thing that sinks in was the memory bank that, I wouldn’t be able to make. We left our hostel with the hope of coming back again in just a few days. That day, till now we are magnetizing our feelings and sentiments from breaking out.

The thought that my college life has officially ended is enough to give me the heebie-jeebies. In the meantime, even going through those audible snaps and nostalgic videos hurts because we won’t be able to get back those golden days again.

Major missing

we will meet again batch of 2020

Especially we miss those wonderful hostel days, late-night gossips, fun, and cooking for the group while watching movies, night-outs with juniors, and the most important part sharing the whole day stuff with our roommates (major missing). Those memorable trips that used to be a part of each group.
Including the last DJ night of the semester, that no one ever wants to miss out. We had seen our seniors filled with joys of spring and a lump in their throat at the same time, trying to fight back their tears. We had missed them all.

The farewell preps

farewell 2020

How can we forget those workout sessions which used to get started months before the farewell?? Next comes the red-letter day for us where ladies and gentlemen in their sober attires used to cut a dash with their appearance. Taking shots with everyone who has been a part of our remarkable journey.

Even in our junior years, you must have felt how hard it is to say goodbye after these glorious years together. Isn’t it more painful to leave without having a final goodbye? Every time this thought flows in my mind, my heart sinks deeper. I wish that I could jump out of the screen and give all of you a big hug right now.

Hang in there!

Unfortunately, Corona virus had other plans. Nothing can change this now. However, many have been affected many times more than we are. By the time the situation will get normal we will be the strongest, closest, and the most talked about class that our university has ever seen. Even our professors know what we are missing the most and it is not fair to us. In particular, being much more experienced they have a faith that the circumstances that got us to this moment are going to sustain us through whatever is coming.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Furthermore, this corona virus has given plenty of time to seek our well-being. To rethink about our career goals. Make sure that your inner voice is an encouraging coach helping to turn your dreams into reality.

Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we respond to it. Be aware of the decision you take, as it will determine what tomorrow will bring to you. Above all, it is completely your choice whether you want to create your intentional daily routine, or will you struggle aimlessly through your day. The Creator has chosen us because he knows that the batch of 2020 has the calibre to beat every odd. You the final year batch of 2020 are unstoppable and will continue to succeed.

It’s time to count your blessings.

Hoping to meet again!

In conclusion, life is a journey, not a destination that requires continuous growth and elevation. We should be proud of our achievements and cherish the moments we had together. We have got this quality time to spend with our parents, who love us unconditionally and in response expect the same from us. Be gentle and spend this valuable time with them, make their dreams your own and sparkle their life with magic. Remember as you move forward to accomplish what you never have, you must do something you have never done.

CONGRATULATIONS! to the Class of 2020, I hope you all stay safe and healthy.
I hope to meet these happy faces again and in the highest positions.

Forever Together!

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Yogita Sahu June 30, 2020 - 2:06 pm

Cheers to the memories and all the best for upcoming challenges dude.. 🙂

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