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Women’s Super League- Incompatible With Sport?

I’ve heard many things about the game “Football”, mostly views aren’t in favour of women’s playing the game, but why? I don’t get what people find irrelevant about women playing football, can’t they play?

There are women that have peak of interest at the Olympics or major tournaments, but then they disappear. With the clubs we have and the investment that is taking place, we can be that breakthrough sport where the players are households names playing in front of larger crowds at sustainable clubs. It is genuinely believed that women’s football can be the first female team sport to break through into the mainstream.

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The creation of an entirely professional Super League is probably the most significant change there has been since the Women’s Super League (WSL) was launched in 2011. We have all the major clubs in England represented by women’s team, also at Manchester United they have a huge fanbase of more than 5,000 people watching their first game.

Women’s Super League is a big positive, it can grow and develop rapidly if financially been supported by the men’s club. Men’s football is so established and popular, it is almost a pointless comparison, but it can be developed with help though.

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Well, I like this sport, I always felt that football isn’t just a sport, it is something more. More about playing carelessly and being free.

Rezultat slika za football girl

Some people have an opinion that women don’t have much strength so as to play this sport moreover, they think that women are better doing household activities, they sound quite rude and obviously not being supportive of women playing this sport. But this isn’t just about their perspective. Dear self, I trust your dream and will always be supporting you.

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I just want to convey that we have to fight for our dreams, grasp the opportunity and make it happen. No other person can be as much sure we ourself can be regarding own potential . Either it is football or any other sport you dream about, be limitless and play freely.

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