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Fitness: 3 Major Steps to Improve your Health

by Rishi Chauhan
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If you think losing weight is fitness then you are imprecise. Being healthy is the foundation of fitness which can only be achieved by consuming food smartly. It is scientifically proven fact that a fit person is more likely to have a healthy life. Economically speaking Fitness + Health is a great deal. Fitness is optional but if made compulsory in one’s life could lead to more confidence, strength, flexibility, better coordination, etc. Although, health is compulsory and if made optional could lead to high cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure, depression, etc.


One of the significant parts of fitness is gyming. It paves way towards a more systematic or scheduled lifestyle. Workout lets a person clear his/her mind and focus on how to tackle daily objectives. Training regularly is proven to help in lowering stress levels in an individual. The ideal time frame for a workout should be maximum 1-2 hours. As there is a limit to anything so exceeding the prescribed time frame could lead to fatigue, muscle pull, nausea, etc. For effective results, break of 2 minutes between reps is very important for the muscles to relax. Breathing while lifting heavy weights is a must to prevent any long-term injuries. One should always learn to know their limits and not push harder for their own sake.


The practice of stress relief and accomplishing peace of mind is the ultimate goal of yoga. Polishing this form of exercise results in a more disciplined routine which further counts for better health. Yoga also helps to heal any stiffness in a joint which leads to more flexibility. It also prevents future joint problems like arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, etc. Maximum of 30 mins – 1 hr in the morning could give you a boost start with a fresh and clear head. This further enhances work performance. There are no short-term effects of yoga, there are only long-term gains from it. It augments all the 5 sensory organs as to when a person meditates by closing eyes the body relies on the senses to focus on a particular thing or object. There is a famous saying “Yoga Se Hoga” which is quite self-explanatory.


One of the tough acts yet best to follow to be healthy. Walking is slow but an effective way to burn unwanted fat. People usually prefer walking on a treadmill than outside in a garden which isn’t quite nourishing for the body. A person with a habit of morning walk gets to breathe in a fresh environment and also absorbs vitamin D from the sun which is quite essential for the body. Walking helps to maintain a healthy weight, improve your mood, improve your balance and coordination, strengthen your bones and muscles, prevent or manage health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.


Are you willing to sacrifice for a greater cause? If yes then this is your article to follow up. There are a lot of different methods to be fit but to know what kind of training suits your body is the choice one has to make. According to me, health is followed by fitness, not vice versa. This is the key to survival in a world comprising of pollution, viruses, airborne diseases, and unhealthy food. A study found that doing the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise (or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise) per week yielded approximately 3.4 extra years to one’s life.

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