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Do you know what a True Friendship is??

by Ankit Gaurav
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Hey fellas! It’s a new morning, a whole new chance to turn your fate. But wait, are you looking for someone? Yeah, what did you say? A friend? Ah yes, that’s why I’m here, to tell you about friendship. Now you might be thinking what a waste, we already know about it. But do you? Do you know what a True Friendship is? Well, then let’s see…


Two strangers meet, you talk and talk to know each other and you got a friend? You might say Yes! People often say that Birds of the same feather, flock together or when two people do some activity where they sweat they get close. So are they your friend? Are they the once whom who crawl up to get some comfort and calm your mind? Are they the ones with whom you can be yourself without giving a second thought? Will they be the one who’ll come at 3 am from the other end of your city if they hear you sob? If the answer is YES, good. But if NO then, who are your friends? If this is not friendship then what is friendship ?!?

So now let me tell you “Friendship is that pure relationship which doesn’t say you’re Important rather shows that you’re important“. You might not be in touch for a long but when you meet again, no excuses are given, only you and your friend at that place. He/She might not be there to share your happiness but he/she will be the first one to share your sadness. It is a relationship where you guys try your best to stay in touch of no matter how odd the situations are you always find a way. But the moment you try to walk past that way, you need to introspect your bond.


Friendship is the sweet fight that still has to care for you. It is a fight that ends with laughter. It is the transparency that flows between you. You are the tracker for your buddy. You are the perfect partner in crimes. Your friend is the pillow you can sleep on, the joker you can lean on. Tears will be your but your friend would be in pain. Your friend will find ways to make you laugh again. A fight might be your but your friend will take the lead. He’ll be the one to rule on your FB feed.

Your friend will be the most disturbing element but he/she knows well when to let you sit in peace. Friends do exactly opposite of what you say but then they also set you a way. You might not go on trips together but you’ll live the trip together. A friend is the monkey who’ll jump around you and keep sharp eyes on you and dare you walk always from your path, that close person will be the one to slap you first.

A friend is the first victim on whom you can try all your experiments. You have a hell lot of funny meme-worthy pics of, your phone is of that person and his/her phone is yours. That’s the fun no one can ever cross.


There’s no place for ego, jealousy, hatred and hypocrisy as there’s TRUST, the thin thread which ties such a strong bond.

Whenever you need someone you’ll find that one person by your side no matter what. Friendship is not about boasting about it but it’s about the actions that boast louder than the words. It’s the bond that need not be shown to rest it’s the bond that is bound to be known.


The most important thing about friendship is that it comes from within. A friend knows when and how much you need a person, you need not beg a friend to be there or find ways to get one from anywhere. Even if you’re far you’ll have that person with you in your heart in spite of wherever he/she stay. Friend is your family away from family.

This Is Friendship !

Well these words are still less to define a beautiful friendhsip but still, I tried it anyways!

What’s Friendship in your opinion? Can you explain it to us in the comments section below?


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