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Contagious Behavior: A Threat or a Blessing to the Society

by Saumyaa Bisht
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Imagine you’re pointlessly staring at an object. People that pass by are more likely to observe and repeat your action. At some point, an individual would come up and reflect on their observation without knowing the object of your concern. This teaches that we are infected by emotions and we create reasons as to why we’re experiencing them. We are contagious. As humans our body is repeatedly sending and receiving signals. It is scientifically proven through studies that our emotions and actions are contagious. Meaning that they are likely to spread and affect people around us. This is an attempt to try and explain how emotions and actions influence individuals socially, that is, contagious behavior.

It is necessary to spread the right behavior

Let’s just say that you want your friend to be hardworking and successful. Or you want to make someone happy. It is only possible to influence someone though your own emotions and actions. Additionally, human behavior is spread by human interaction. We mimic our speech, expressions and posture all the time without actually realizing it. In order to explain further, let’s consider some examples. When you see someone greet your teacher, you automatically do the same. Similarly when you offer your seat in a bus to an elderly person, people tend to follow your action.

Not a long time ago, youngsters were being seriously diagnosed due to consuming tide pods. Obviously someone can’t convince you into doing it just by mentioning it. The stigma and videos circulating on the internet are a big reason. Most likely, human behavior is induced by visual representations. Thus, the consumption of tide pods was highly followed.

How behavior is contagious today?

We all are amidst a pandemic. It is important for every individual to follow certain set of rules. We often see people not following the basic protocols to prevent the virus. There have been many incidences where people have been found avoiding social distancing and wearing masks. This is reducing the fear of the widespread disease. Everyone is taking less precautions as they used to when the virus initially broke. People have developed a mindset that it is okay to not follow the precautions. Because they see many people online who are throwing parties and who seem to be unaffected.

We need to realize our responsibility in the community. Spreading the right behavior among the masses is necessary.

Wear a mask. Promote the people around you to do so.

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