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Blind Items should not exist in today’s day and age??

by Saumyaa Bisht
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The fight for equality has taken over the world. Everyone is focusing on the righteous thing to do. The wave to stand for what is right has reached India. In addition, numerous issues are being raised by the people. Especially, against Bollywood and the parties that revolve around it.

What are Blind Items?

Blind Items are juicy gossips about the shady things that celebrities do away from the public eye. These articles never mention the name of the celebrities that they write about. Blind Items are like puzzles that you have to solve with hints and clues. Without ever knowing if you’re going in the right direction or not. Nowadays, entertainment journalism is surviving on click-bait. The article’s headline and the content, both serve a different story altogether.

Tisca Chopra opens up about her encounter with a director using codenames

Why do Blind Items Work?

Blind items are covered on videos and articles in every Bollywood reporting website/channel. They work because you can easily gossip about someone without the involvement of names. There have been times when celebrities have used this method to talk about controversial issues. They include easy ways to report something which is not completely verified. Overall, they cannot be reported because there is no disclosure about the details of any person.

The Current Scenario…

Many celebrities have openly talked about being targets of this medium. Ranbir Kapoor spoke about the blind items written about him during one of his interviews and tried to bash Pinkvilla. In return to his challenge, Pinkvilla posted an article stating his hypocrisy:


The issue recently resurfaced after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide. So, I searched for the blind items written against Sushant. Here’s what i found:

Notably, Pinkvilla posted this:

Bollywood Insider retweets it’s blind item


On 4th July, OneShotOnePlace.com posted a blind item on the same. They have now either disabled the article or removed it.

Then, in an angry social media post Kriti Sanon said :

“Blind items should be illegal, should be banned! They should come under mental harassment!… you have no idea how badly that can affect someone’s mind, their family, their life. Little birdie is usually not right.”

Is this worth losing your mental state of being?

Thus, people find gossips as a source for entertainment, but is it really? Before we decide to obtain pleasure of anyone’s pain, we need to think it through. You never know what a person is going through and what might trigger them. We need to observe our behavior in life, social media, etc. Especially, towards our fellow beings. The world is going through a crisis, everyone deserves a little kindness.

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