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by Raghav Khullar
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It won’t be much of a surprise to hear that the viewer norm of the Indian plethora has changed in recent times. Years of evolution of the Indian Cinema and TV shows, as well as the viewer demand has led to the current silhouette of shows and movies in the country.

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The difference is crystal clear when one compares the majority of older TV shows and movies with the ones that are more recent. It’s not just the difference in colour palate, or the animations and the visual effects, but also the content, which was well perceived earlier, and has lost its glory in current times. We can very well state that the main reason behind it is the change in ideology and insistence. Earlier, the viewers were happy with the shows and movies, which were more on the romantic or action side, whether they had a morale behind them or not. Indian Cinema and TV had established a clear monopoly, as there wasn’t any other platform for such kind of entertainment, partly due to the limitation of technology as well. On the contrary, in today’s age, there is an eager demand of quality shows and movies, which no doubt, our Indian Cinema has failed to deliver. Several movies in the past 5 years, despite of having well-known artists, have failed to conquer the hearts of most of the people. Same is the case with Indian soaps, which have lost viewership heavily in the past decade, due to the never-ending story and the similar fore-felt plot.

Online media has provided unrivalled flexibility and options to Indian consumers. We can now enjoy access to a myriad of media content from movies to sports, infotainment and TV series ‘round-the-clock’ and ‘on-the-go’. Media giants, like Netflix and Amazon Prime have been providing a far better user-experience and have raised the bars high for Bollywood as well as for TV channels. It has also become a highly economical option when compared to DTH TV by providing full access to a wide variety of shows and movies for almost two-third of its price. According to Gadgets360, Indians are watching online videos for about eight hours twenty-eight minutes each week, which is far higher than the global average of about six hours and forty-five minutes.

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Another great feat of the online media service companies is the suppleness with which an adult viewer, especially when he or she is left with the choice of watching an adult-rated show or movie, which could be explicit in terms of its scenes or ideology, instead of shoving the censored content down the throats of its viewers.

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Rest assured, the Indian consumers shall progressively develop an insatiable thirst for enhanced entertainment and leisure, and this thirst shall increase exponentially in the coming years. The Indian viewership development is an unceasing process. Thus, it would be evident that the change in Indian viewership community has arrived, and it is here to stay without a shred of doubt.

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