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Waanjai: The MewGulf Fandom

by Syarifah Lail Baity
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TharnType The Series‘ popularity seems to be a little different from other Thailand Series. Even though it was finished in January, many people are actually interested in watching this series long after the promotion period ends. One of the reasons is how they see the main characters in real life interacting with each other. Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut, who acted as Tharn Thara Kirigun and Type Thiwat Phawattakun respectively in TharnType The Series.

TharnType(MewGulf) poster
TharnType poster

The Series succeeded in attracting the attention of the audience with their extraordinary acting. The chemistry which has been very visible from the first day of their casting and deepened when they conducted acting workshops for this series continued on filming and produced one of the Thai series that was loved by many people. Seeing their onscreen chemistry the fans named them MewGulf. Their hard work in building chemistry that had existed from the start paid off with an astonishing result in the series.

Waanjai ?

Because of their closeness that not only happens in the series but also continues in real life. Their fans those are referred by a special name Waanjai (Sweetheart in Thai) are increasing every day. Not only in Thailand, but also in all corners of the world. Evidenced by any event that MewGulf does, it almost always becomes a trending topic in various countries and worldwide. They not only interact with fans through events but also by sharing their daily lives, doing live Instagram and fan talks on Twitter by answering fans’ questions for hours. That is why Waanjai are so dedicated to supporting these two brothers who are full of love.

Waanjai showering their love on MewGulf ?

Here are some things that Waanjai has done for MewGulf, with the aim of replying to the love that MewGulf has given them. First, buying stars in the name of MewGulf, about 60 more counts of Waanjai giving gifts in the form of stars in the name of Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut, MewGulf, BooBee, SuppaWut, and they also buys stars for Chopper, Mew’s dog and Gulf’s cat named Juu.

MewGulf banner in Times Square New York
MewGulf banner in Times Square New York

There have been very many billboards dedicated to Mew and Gulf, in various places, not only in Thailand but also in China, Vietnam, and the biggest one was Time Square in the United States.

Donation of 520,090.53 baht to help extinguish a forest fire in Chiangmai

Furthermore, Waanjai also adopted Panda on behalf of Mew and black-footed paint through worldwildlife.org. Not finished there, Waanjai donated along with MewGulf to help extinguish a forest fire in Chiangmai. They made a total donation of 520,090.53 baht, or around 16700 dollars for the same. Waanjai also made the donation for COVID-19 on behalf of MewGulf. The final event they did was UNICEF, they managed to raise 110,700 baht around 3,500 dollars. There are many other positive things that Waanjai has done together with MewGulf. That’s also because MewGulf regularly makes donations and merits to help people in need, which is why Waanjai also does that. Like idols, like fans right?

TharnType S2 :

ThanType (MewGulf) S2 Poster
Official Poster of TharnType S2 released
(Source: mydramalist)

Now, Waanjai are excitedly supporting MewGulf by trending hashtag on every MewGulf event. MewGulf and TharnType Team are preparing TharnType The Series Season 2. They’re doing workshops and doing the first readthrough reading scripts. The new actors introduced to the fans, and now just waiting for the shooting time for season 2 and we can watch it later this year.

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