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Emotional Lynching or Displaced Outrage?

Kangana Ranaut expresses her anger towards Bollywood and the media through a series of videos

After Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise on 14th June, it has been revealed by multiple sources that most of his projects were taken away and that he was depressed and stopped taking his medication during his last days. Recently, Kangana Ranaut posted a video on her Instagram describing how Sushant was not acknowledged and appreciated by the industry as much as he deserved. She also went on and said that his last film ‘Chhichhore’ was the best film and that it should’ve been awarded instead of ‘Gully Boy’ , brutally criticizing the Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer. Kangana posted another video and furthermore explained that Sushant Singh Rajput went through “systematic dismantling” by the movie mafia. She claimed that there were numerous blind items written about him which were adament to destroy his image.

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Kangana is known as someone who doesn’t shy away when it comes to expressing her opinions, especially on Nepotism, the people who have been hurdles in her success and her struggles. Although, she is being admired by the general public but it cannot be ignored how her stance on nepotism in relation to Sushant’s death seems opportunistic. The question that arises: is she really concerned about her fellow actor’s death or this is a vicious opportunistic agenda? Kangana surely starts off the rant with Sushant’s death but later conveniently diverts it to promote her work comparing how her “super-hit movies” were flop because of the movie mafia, how she is harassed by journalists and so on. People have agreed to Kangana’s argument but some have also condemned that she is doing it with a clear agenda to talk about her own achievements and work over someone’s death.

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However, the truth still remains unknown. What are your opinions regarding the same? Comment down and let the world hear you!

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