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What is LOVE?

People say,  “love is life…” But is it?
I’ll say Yes! When you actually fall in love you get that weird feeling of WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? That mixed feeling of every emotion. It is never that you fall in Love knowing that you are actually falling in Love but, it happens accidentally!
Some hearts understand each other even in silence. A single text from that person can change your mood in a few seconds.

The jealousy when you see your love with someone else, OMG! It’s the worst feeling! It’s the person whom you can’t share with anyone. He’s/She’s all yours. But then, a sweet smile from your Love is the thing that just takes you to your highest level of happiness! His/her hug makes you forget all your worries and is the most comfortable place you find to hide in.
You are ready to do anything and everything for your love but that should not be wrong, and you have the guts to correct your partner if he/she is wrong.

This is Love!

It can’t be explained but I tried it anyways!

What’s Love in your opinion? Can you explain it to us in the comments section below?


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