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Why do we need a population control law.

India is the 7th largest country in the world and situated in the northern hemisphere. It is the world’s largest democracy. With a population of over 1.3 billion, it is the second most populated country after China.

It’s true that people in India bear different faith, religion, culture etc. Each of them adds their contribution and make this country more beautiful. But wait, everything has a limit. And it’s not about culture and people’s belief. It’s about the day to day growing population of this country. India’s birth rate is 19.3/1000 (as per 2016) and death rate is 7.3/1000 (2016 report). There is a wide difference we can see here. This led to a growth rate of 1.19% which means we are growing at a fast rate. In a recent report it is said that India will be the most populous country in the world by 2024 surpassing China. By 2030 it will be a home to more than 1.3 billion people and if it goes on growing like this then by 2100 it will have a population of over 2.0 billion people. Around 65% of the population is youth. But time spares no one. Today we have the world’s largest population of youth. We will reach a point when they will grow old and we will be having the maximum number of old aged people. We have reached at an alarming rate where we need to think over this population explosion issue.

Since childhood, we have been taught not to waste water, food, petrol, coal and other resources because they are limited in source and once exhausted then it is almost impossible to get them renewed as it takes millions of years. Forget about demands in near future, the present resources cannot even fulfil the basic needs of each and every individual of this country. The foremost reason is population. Today when we talk about employment and other problems, we see the root cause is population again. The jobs are limited for such a huge number of population. Those who are left unemployed attempt other means to earn their livelihood. This other means could be anything like robbery or theft. If the number of people will be small we would be able to provide employment to everyone. They can earn and will never attempt wrong means for their survival.

Our toughest competitor is China. But from the past several years China is adopting measures to control its birth rate. If parents are adopting a single child plan they will be provided facilities like tax relaxation and if someone is planning to have more than one child they will be debarred from some government facilities. This policy of China is helping them to control their population explosion. India should also opt for such schemes before it gets too late. Otherwise the day is not so far when we will have no land to build extra houses, no more food to feed and no resources to fulfil people’s need.


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